Dandruff: why is it there in your hair and can you get rid of it?


There are various people in the world suffering from dandruff problems. You can feel the density of dandruff only if you know how exactly it feels to be one of the preys. Dandruff not just gives you an unpleasant look but also make you feel grimy. No matter how smart you look or how good-looking your features are; if your dandruff is overpowering the overall personality; everything else won’t matter.

There is no need to lose heart; it is not the end of the world. You can use the right shampoos. Why don’t you check Ketomac anti dandruff shampoo price in India and start using it?These are the shampoos that can work like your weapons against dandruff. Maybe you don’t get the results in a single day or a week but in two weeks or so; the outcomes would be there for you to see. You would find a great amount of deduction in your dandruff. After all, it is all about your hair care and it demands time. Every shampoo, no matter how good and effective it may be, needs some time to clear out dandruff from head.

What is getting you Dandruff?

You can comfortably blame genetics for various things like a receding hairline, a crooked nose, crippling anxiety and so on. But dandruff is not at all one of them. So what actually causes dandruff? The reality is that you do. All those peeling, embarrassing white flecks are there because of grooming habits you have, not any inclined genetic order. So in case you were thinking that you would blame parents for this dandruff, you were so wrong. Dandruff is preventable and you can get rid of it.

A few habits you should avoid

  • It is vital to know that shampoo should not be used regularly. Accept the fact, and you would solve many of the hair care and scalp issues. The function of your shampoo is to clear excess oil, smut and product build-up. A casual rinse will clear most of these things, and the extra build-up should be rubbed out with shampoo every second or third day of the week. Otherwise, if you are washing your hair regularly then you end up drying out the hair and scalp by stripping away essential oils that keep your hair nurtured and strong. At such an instance, your skin flakes and hair sinks. It is no good.
  • If your dandruff is persistent, it may be the sign of a bigger problem such as a fungal infection or that of seborrheic dermatitis that is a scaly, tickly skin condition. There is no necessity to allow these things persist. In case the aforementioned shampoo treatments are not really resolving the issue, you must see a dermatologist right away to receive a high-grade prescription medication.
  • Do you wash hair very rarely? Come on you cannot give your hair a wash after long intervals. Your hair demands the nurturing and proper care too. Minimum two and maximum three times head wash in a week with right shampoos would keep your hair in the best shape.


Thus, look out for Ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo price and purchase one for your hair care solution.

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