The five most important solar energy innovations

solar energy

With today’s current situation with our environment and the continuing global catastrophic damage brought by pollution, a lot of people have grown more concern of the current situation of our planet which prompted them to invest in renewable energy at their homes through solar energy.

Considering that our energy sources are in need of a serious overhaul for many reasons, including environmentally related concerns, knowing that the majority of the world’s energy source comes from petroleum or the fossil fuels which is already proven its widespread pollution, and on top of that it has a limited supply making it expensive for the majority of consumers.

Greenhouse gasses and pollutants are the main contributors to the continuing damage Global Warming has done in our planet, however, there has been a lot of changes nowadays as more and more countries are supporting the importance of renewable energy sources that also encourages a lot of households to invest in one particularly solar energy.

The influx of demand for solar energy through solar energy systems has also innovated to provide a more convenient and create more positive impact as the top renewable energy source. Listed below are some of the notable innovations that everyone can benefit from.

  1. Solar thin-film– The majority of solar energy systems that you can purchase in the market are panels, however, the new innovation can use solar thin film to harness energy from the sun. These solar films are being manufactured in rolls which are proven to be cost-effective and easy to install. This also provides more places to install it at different places in a household such as a roof, walls, and other open spaces easily compared to the regular panels.
  2. Solar windows– Because of innovation, you can harness the power of the sun through windows which are made with a new generator for electricity by using a coating to remain a see-through, yet able to convert the ultraviolet rays into electric energy. The coating of these solar windows can provide electrical energy even to the smallest solar cells and can be applied at different room temperature which does not need a particular area or facility to operate it along with the solar batteries.
  3. Solar balloons– It is called a solar balloon because it is shaped like a dome and a balloon. This technology is designed to harvest solar power on an array of solar cells that look like balloons. These plastic balloons direct the solar energy to the solar cells which are low-cost and always available.
  4. Hairy solar panels– An innovative product of nanotechnology, it uses nanowires that are installed on a carbon-nanotube fabric to absorb light from the sun. These nanowires absorb a lot of solar energy compared to silicon that allows better energy harvesting.
  5. Solar micro-inverters– The inverter in each solar energy system is the one that directs the DC power produced from the solar panels and transform it into AC power, however, inverters are usually expensive because of its ability to handle the solar power to produce electricity, but the invention of micro inverters, it is now completely possible to install just a single panel and a single inverter to power up your solar energy system conveniently.

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