Designer Kitchen For Your Home

When it comes to your kitchen, you always look for designs that provide you a blend of functionality along with sensibility. Because kitchen is one of the most frequented and used spaces in the home, you don’t want to start off on a wrong note. What happens here is that if you don’t have a concrete layout or design, then you might end up with a kitchen that looks gorgeous but is not functional.

On the other hand one day you would feel that a kitchen should not only be functional but also decorative. No doubt that the food you cook comes straight from the heart but there should be some decorative features around.

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This is ideally suited for very big kitchens that have a dining table along with lot of space to store over-sized things. You will usually find these in the sub-urban homes or farm houses with big families. This kitchen concept can also be modernized to a certain extent but with lot of space loss. But if you are one of the followers of rustic cooking and like basting meats or traditional smoke pot, then it makes sense to have a kitchen like this, especially if the space permits.


These are well suited for urban homes with compact or modular layouts due to shortage of space. You will usually find these as an open kitchen or rather the dining, living and the kitchen area is one-space. So there are no separate doors or divisions for your kitchen. But one can incorporate this style into a separate kitchen area with doors too. But the problem here is of less space. Also, you would need a state of the art chimney to keep the smoke away from rest of the house. Some of the key features here includes-

  • Smaller dining areas within the kitchen or even countertops or kitchen tops that provides enough space for a smaller family to have meals.
  • Most of your cabinets and drawers are inbuilt to save space. Things folding in and folding out are the special attributes of these kitchens.
  • Zone design kitchens.

These are again more suited to make the kitchen a more functional area and also use it as a dining space. With less of space being available now, more families are opting for this. Nevertheless, this kitchen style is very elegant and chic. Here the kitchen includes a small zonal space like a regular kitchen but the countertop is surrounding the stove area. So you are getting meals right off the gas, which is a sensible option in families where both partners are working.


The gallery or the corridor style kitchen is another space saving idea and you will usually not find this in bigger homes. These kitchens have the basic layouts on both sides of the gallery and feature the gas, sink, etc. on one side and the appliances like refrigerators and gas ovens on the other side. The dual style is suitable for smaller families and with restricted space to do their daily chores.

There are many other kitchen designs to choose from so just make sure that you research and compare these on the basis of functionality, space and also your budget and get some cool and innovative ideas for your kitchen style.

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