Do not panic immediately after the accident: call the attorney instead

You need to act in accordance with the Road Rules: stop and not move the vehicle anywhere. You cannot leave the scene of the accident, for leaving the scene of an accident provides administrative liability. Items related to the accident are also unacceptable to move. Do not forget to turn on the alarm system and set an emergency stop sign, if there are injured, call “Ambulance”.

Why professional lawyers?

A timely appeal to the Criminal Defense attorney can save you from many mistakes that people unknowingly make in such situations. Experienced lawyers will help prepare a claim for filing with the court, will provide the following legal services:

  • Initial telephone counseling on accidents
  • Departure of a lawyer to the accident site, registration of primary documents
  • Legal support at the stage of analysis and inquiry of DPS during the preliminary investigation
  • Settlement of conflict issues and assistance in appealing against illegal actions and decisions of traffic police insurers and insurers, without the direct participation of the client
  • Preparation of claims, necessary documentation, including – complaints, statements for law enforcement authorities, filing a claim to the judicial authorities
  • Legal support in court, as well as at all stages of the trial, including without the presence of the client
  • The appeal of court decisions in relevant instances of damages from the accident

What makes a good lawyer?

What are the skills that allow separating a good lawyer from another that is not? Know how to argue to win a case? Help the client achieve his purpose at any cost? Reconciling to avoid the courts? Have good relationships to use in favor of the client? Abide by a code of ethics and provide pro bono services? These are some questions that must be taking into account before hiring the professional.

The good lawyer, it seems, is the one who uses formal argumentation and not background to achieve a result that is not strictly fair. A good lawyer is one who manages to get their clients to fulfill their obligations in the best possible terms, advises them in a preventive manner and presents the best options to act within the legal framework.

Conclusion: Far most the best answer

Good criminal lawyers are those who achieve that their clients evade the fulfillment of their obligations, without major responsibilities – the one who knows how to solve problems in favor of his client. Sometimes a client hires you to buy time and your job is to help him achieve his purpose. The good lawyer also verifies that each party to a conflict receives the agreement.

Not everything has to be resolved in the courts: a good lawyer must know, even conciliate when possible and avoid the courts.

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