Easy Points To Consider While Buying Horsebox

When you plan to buy a horse for either your profession or hobby, you need to think about a horsebox too. And buying a horsebox means you need to pay attention to many considering factors. Also, you must get well informed about the financing options available for your horsebox investment.


To help you out here are some of the important factors that you must consider before you buy a horsebox.

New Or Old

It completely depends upon your own choice and needs if you want a new horsebox or a second hand one. You can get second-hand option in great conditions in the market. But if you have no problem with spending a good amount of money, then buy a new one for your horse. A used vehicle would always need higher maintenance costs with the shorter span of life. But then again it is ultimately your own preference.

Weight Factor

This is very important to consider as there are few specifications that you need to adhere about the weight and size of a horsebox. When looking for horseboxes, you must consider payload is that the more luxurious and the more extras on a horsebox, the heavier it will tend to be. You need to buy a vehicle that will be able to carry your horse safely and can be driven easily.

Quality Matters

Never go for eyewash things available in the market. Always look for reviews and customer feedback before you buy one. Choose the best and reputed brands so that you do not run the risk of future problems of early damage and any other sort of faulty issues.

Financial Part

This is very essential as you must consider and think of all the financing options available for buying a high-quality horsebox. Also, you must make sure your vehicle as it is a valuable asset. But there are a few important things that you need to think about are engine size, weight and size of the vehicle. Do read the terms and conditions beforehand or you will end up paying the higher premium. Also, it is advisable to stay away from poorly maintained vehicles as maintaining those will cost you a lot. Therefore go for new vehicles or that are not much used and are in good conditions.

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Horsebox mileage

Mileage is another important point to be checked when going to buy a horsebox as many horseboxes have done hundreds of thousands of kilometers. This may be due to the fact that most used horseboxes for sale have previously been used as a commercial vehicle in routine basis.

Horsebox Type

There are two major types of horsebox- towed and motorised and before you decide on anyone, know about the budget, usage, license entitlement, and storage space. A towed horsebox is comparatively cheaper. It is easier to ensure such a vehicle and does not require any special driving test. But towed vehicles are not for extensive usage and do not have any additional features like that of the motorised ones. Moreover, you need to ensure whether or not your towed horsebox is compatible to carry the weight of your horse including the other contents.

Motorised vehicles, on the other hand, are expensive and are appropriate when you travel by road. The effect of the cost of insurance and you need to look for companies that are horsebox insurance specialists.

If you are looking for buying a horsebox for your horses, make sure you follow these important factors. You need to understand the pros and cons of each type of vehicle before you jump into a decision. Think of all your options and the practicalities while buying a horsebox.

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