Things you need to know about before you pack your bags to leave

Adventure is exciting but train journeys can be a bit troublesome. Getting the tickets to waiting for the confirmation and then if by any means the train gets delayed getting an update is important. With the proliferation of technology not staying updated with the latest trends and not matching up with the pace of the globalized world is not something to be proud of. Technology heads are getting everything at a click away from them literally. Train journeys could be the most thrilling off all your journeys because you meet so many new people you get see so much of the nature, you get to feel the fresh cleaner air too, and now railways have become even more comfortable to travel with because of the facilities they are definitely bringing it in and making all of it so shizz and sound so cool and simple. Especially when we know that now getting tickets is not something that we have to plan for days and find time out from our never so ending busy schedule but rather we can get it just in a jiffy or probably lesser time than that online. And secondly we can get food for train journey without the trouble and burden of carring two top three extra bags just for food so that we have to eat some unhygenic food. Now you get taste along with hygeine in the train itself when you see for yopurslf and then order food online for yourself and also fro your family or friends and pay through card or cash. Ihe food remains fresh and you get good varieties along with good quality.

Things you need to know about before you pack your bags to leave:

  1. Learn to track your train to keep yourself updated. Now you can track your train, whether it’s running on time or it is delayed, you can also know which station you are in. you can track it by having current position of train on your Google maps, and then you are updated about your current location and about the time you will take to reach your desired destination.
  2. And with everything at the end of one click, you can now get tickets of railways or airways instantly at just one go without having to miss work or class or anything important. Also you can feel a lot more secure now while you are on for a trip and you are in the train.
  3. You cannot rely on foods available in the train. Are you carrying enough of dry fruits and snacks to survive rather starve? But now you can totally relax sit back in your seats and enjoy the view from the train and relax and get your food Service available in the train for you anytime you want.
  4. And also if your ticket has not been confirmed, you can check the status of the chart by entering the PNR number online. That is the easiest way to know about the current status of your ticket.

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