Enhancing Your Portfolio: Combining Long-Term Appreciation with Short-Term Income


Ever since the dot-com crash of 2000 and the subsequent housing bubble in 2008, modern investors have been trying their best to avoid disastrous losses and unnecessary risks, even if it means missing out on potentially life-changing ventures. The utopian vision of sky-high returns has effectively been subverted by a complacent investment mentality that places the onus on preserving what you have instead of boisterously pursuing growth and appreciation. This type of attitude shift makes perfect sense during the aftermath of a financial disaster but it doesn’t hold any water once the markets start recovering to their previous levels. As the recovery from the 2008 crash has been relatively slow up until now, investors still have the ultimate opportunity to “buy low and sell high,” which has been the driving force behind the recent resurgence of the global housing market.

If you want to attain true stability and growth within your portfolio in this day and age, it’s time to look into Cape Verde overseas property investment opportunities.

Cape Verde

Located off the northwest coast of Africa, Cape Verde is a beautiful archipelago comprised of ten tropical isles. The collection of islands remained uninhabited up until the 1400s when Portuguese explorers colonised the land masses and established the first-ever European settlement in the tropics. For the next 500 years, Cape Verde served as an important shipping hub for merchants, privateers, and even pirates, before experiencing a rebirth in the 1990s.

In 1991, the Cape Verdean government began pursuing market-oriented economic policies, which allowed the island nation to blossom into a lucrative foreign investment vehicle, namely with regard to tourism and real estate. As a result, the real GDP in Cape Verde began booming with a documented 7% rise each year from 2000-2009.

Boosting Your Portfolio

Various real estate groups have started taking advantage of this surge in interest by facilitating safe and secure property investments in the region, which has led to an incredible amount of infrastructure development over the past decade or so. The most lucrative investment vehicle in Cape Verde is the modernised 12/7/5 property option, due its uncanny ability to provide not only stable asset appreciation but also rental income as well. The process is quite simple, really:

  1. Work with a trustworthy real estate group to purchase a property on one of Cape Verde’s five-star resort developments.
  2. Right off the bat, begin earning 12% per annum, which applies during the construction phase of the property in question.
  3. Once the construction is complete, begin earning 7% of the net rental yield.
  4. In only five short years after the initial investment, you’ll have the ability to market and sell the property to another investor at a huge gain. The tourism sector in Cape Verde has been steadily growing over the past two decades with no end in sight, which means that your principal investment is about as safe as can be.

If you wish to have a multi-layered portfolio that features consistent income, steady appreciation, and minimal risk, look no further than the thriving real estate sector in Cape Verde!

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