Essential Vastu Tips From Pallavi Chhelavda To Follow When Setting Up A Prayer Room

Prayer room or the temple in home is considered as one the most sacred and auspicious rooms in the home as this is where the residents of the house worship, keep idols, religious texts and other such belongings. Therefore, it becomes important to keep the room protected from negative energies.

Pallavi Chhelavda, the notable Feng Shui expert and Vastu Consultant says that the prayer room should be set- up in the house by adhering to the Vastu principles so that only positive energy and harmony and flow in.

Listed below are some of the essential Vastu tips that should be followed when setting up a prayer room:

  • Do not place the prayer room in the bedroom. But in case there is no other option available then use the north- east direction of the bedroom as prayer area. Also keep in mind that while lying or sleeping on bed the feet should not point to the prayer area.
  • As per Vastu, north-east part of home is ideal place for prayer room. In case north- east part is not available then opt for either west or east direction.
  • In case the prayer area is in kitchen then it is better to opt for the north- east corner of kitchen and you should face east while praying. Refrain from setting up a prayer place below, above or beside any kitchen or toilet.
  • It is ideal to set up the prayer room at the center in case there is a large amount of space available.
  • Place the idols in west or east of the prayer room and keep them at least an inch away from the wall.
  • Keep doors and windows in east or north walls of the prayer room
  • Choose marble flooring for the prayer room in light yellow or white color and for the wall opt for light yellow, light blue or white color.
  • In case of placing a lamp stand, place it in the prayer room in eastern or south-east side
  • Refrain from hanging photos of birds and animals and photos of deceased people in the prayer area.
  • Also do not keep a garbage can in the prayer area as this can reduce positive energy of the room.
  • The prayer room should have a lower ceiling as this will make the room appear more proportional.
  • Place a threshold at the entrance to the prayer room as it prevents insects and ants from entering and this is beneficial as foodstuff is often offered in prayer.
  • The things used in the prayer should be kept in the South- Eastern part and not in the North-East and Eastern part. This ensures free entry of the sunlight.

These are some of the most important points that need to be followed when setting up a prayer room in the home.

Besides being a Vastu consultant, Pallavi Chhelavda has conducted several seminars as well as TV show like “Vastu living” where she provides tips about Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui so that people can find success easily. This show is broadcasted in several countries in the world.

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