How to make a safe online donation?

If you are planning to make an online donation, there are several things you should keep in mind!

Charity is both essential and interesting. Most people feel relieved and happy after making a donation. However, you should be able to make the charity safely and effectively. In this short article, you will read on how to make safe online donations.

online donation

#1 Understand Charity

First of all, you should be aware of the charity. Both offline and online, you must not donate to unknown charities. You must understand about the charity completely. Try to focus on the charity’s mission statement and accomplishments. You must have access to the charity’s board of directors. Never assume that the organization is valid because of its .com or .org URL. It is very easy to purchase a .org address. Charities have many tax benefits. By reading through Internal Revenue Services, you can verify the charity’s tax-exempt status.

#2 Gather Details

Before you make an online donation, you should gather all necessary contact details. Try to get hold of the organization’s mailing address and contact number. Before you transfer funds, talk to the offline organization. They can tell you if the online page is working or not. Try to avoid scammers with flashy websites and weird physical addresses. Scammers collect lots of money and vanish! They are anonymous groups with no online identity. It is very difficult to trace or control scammers. To gather details on legit online charities, visit

#3 Making a Wise Decision

Some organizations don’t update their online information for months (even years). This is why you should gather more information about the site and its owners. Never make decisions based on the site’s obsolete information. Without proper verification you may support an organization that doesn’t exist, has changed its mission or modified its programs.

#4 Safe Moves

At all times engage in safe practices. Don’t share your credit card details online! Try to verify the site’s encryption algorithms. Also, check on the site used to process your credit card details. The URL must have a “Https” (where s represents secure). Meanwhile, you should be clear if the charity uses and stores your personal information. Always ensure if the technology used by the charity is both secure and up-to-date. Hackers find it very easy to defeat old programs.

#5 Give Directly

Sometimes, you should give directly. There is nothing wrong in visiting the charity and paying directly. If the charity doesn’t support online transfers, you must try organizations like “JustGive” or “Network-For-Good”. Don’t work on third-party sites. That is because third-party sites may charge you additional transactional fees. When third-party sites allow you to transfer hundreds of dollars to a charity, around 25 USD may settle in their bank account.

#6 Histories of the Transaction

As you make a charity, you must keep track of the transaction. Try to take printouts of every transaction. Most charities send email confirmations of the transfer. Take a printout of this email! It is always wise to keep track of your donations.

Never feel overwhelmed by online donations. Charity is something nice and noble. Treasure it in your heart! For more details on how to make online donations, read

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