Top 5 Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Cakes That You Must Try

It’s not any new thing we love to indulge deeply into the world of cakes for occasions and no occasions at all. Made with a generous amount of butter, full cream milk, sugar, flour, eggs, flavors, etc. cakes are very healthy desserts. But these healthy cakes consumed over a long period of time can bring cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, or even heart diseases. Occasional eating of traditional cakes are fine but if you want a long, strong, and healthy life, you need to find healthier versions of your favorite cakes. Here are some examples of such cakes which would be nutritious for you.

Carrot Cake: You may order cake online in Philippines or make it in your kitchen to enjoy your festive moment. The underline is the healthier version of a carrot cake and that means in this cake you need to cut out the sugar, white flour, and butter and replace them with whole wheat flour, dates, and banana. You may include some dry fruits like walnuts and cashews also to make this cake really a healthy one. Instead of cream cheese frosting just garnish with some fresh organic honey while serving. Surprise your guests at the dinner table and inculcate such good practice among others also.Top 5 Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Cakes That You Must Try 1

Flourless Chocolate Cake: Who doesn’t love to have a heavenly piece of chocolate cake? Chocolate cakes have that ability to improve mood and make people happy. In this cake, egg whites, some butter or coconut oil or olive oil are whisked very well to get the base for this cake. Baking chocolate, cocoa powder, and honey are the other ingredients that are used to get this wonderful cake. While having the cake, you would derive the same happiness as you get from a normal chocolate cake.

Whole Wheat Chocolate and Zucchini Cake: It is proven that whole wheat flour is healthier than white flour and thus using that for cakes are always good. This cake is a tender and delicious one and you won’t even feel the difference of change in flour type. Instead of sugar, honey is used in this cake and the zucchini is flavored with cinnamon, cardamom, and cocoa powder. You may also use some dry fruits and nuts to make this cake healthier.

Greek Yoghurt Cookies and Cream Cake: Any person having a sweet tooth would never shy away from cookies and cream offer. Instead of cream, in this cake, smooth and creamy Greek yoghurt is used. Cookies are used in small amount and mixed with whole wheat flour along with other flavors to derive this cake. The Greek Yoghurt frosting is the USP of this cake.

Blueberry Layer Cake: Blueberries are rich source of antioxidants and in this special cake blueberries are used everywhere from batter to filling and topping. Whole grain, gluten-free flour, and cream cheese frosting are used to get this tasty cake. Sometimes, when you are tired of trying the healthier cakes, opt for any online bakery who gets cake delivery online in Philippines nationwide and enjoy your guilt of having creamy cakes.


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