Festivals that Bring Brothers Sisters Together

The bond between a brother and a sister is considered as the purest form of relationship. Thus, the moments that brothers and sisters spend together are too precious to waste. Spending time with our siblings is never a dull moment but when it’s time to celebrate, the brother-sister relationship becomes more prominent. Here are some festivals which bring brother-sister together to rock the house:

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Raksha Bandhan:

The month of Raksha Bandhan is that time of the year when you can expect the least number of fights between a brother and sister. This is the time when Tom and Jerry of the house speak love. On this day, a sister ties a pious thread on the wrist of her brother and prays for her brother’s protection. In return, the brother shows sweet gestures of love by gifting his sister a wonderful present. Even if your brother lives far off, the sweetness of the sibling bond can remain intact through virtual tokens of love like kids rakhi online,Rakhi with flowers, Rakhi with Cakesetc.


This occasion is celebrated to cherish the love between brothers and sisters. On this occasion, the ritual is that a sister applies a red tika with kumkum on her brother’s forehead and prays for her brother’s long life.

On this occasion, a sister prepares her brother’s favorite delicacies to express her love for her caring brother. In return, a brother expresses his love towards her sister by giving a present. This day brings brothers and sisters together and strengthens the bond between brothers and sisters.


The festival of colors always brings brothers and sisters under one roof. When it’s Holi, brothers and sisters become partners in crime and the best friends. From playing pranks with other family members to having a sip of Bhaang secretly are some crazy stuff that brothers and sisters do together during Holi. This festival always works in bringing them together and also helps in creating some super fun memories.


Since childhood, brothers and sisters have been celebrating the festival of lights together. During Diwali, they take the lead to decorate the entire house and share a loving time together. From preparing sweets to arranging all the auspicious things for Diwali, brothers and sisters together contribute in making Diwali celebration grander. The fun doubles in Diwali when it’s time to burst crackers with our siblings.

Well, be it Rakshabandhan that is celebrated by way of Rakhi with dry fruits online or Diwali that witnesses some cracker prank done together, the bond of a brother and a sister is ever strengthening despite the distance. But well, this is how these festivals brighten up the relation between brothers and sisters and help creating some unforgettable memories. So, cherish the sweet-bitter relationship siblinghood with these bright festivals.

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