What Circumstances Lead Someone To Be Unduly Influenced When Making A Will


When people are making their will, they need to be free of any outside influence. This is because the will could be invalidated if it is proved that other people and organisations put pressure to make the person change their will.

It is possible to challenge this situation when you have hired a lawyer. You will need to produce evidence that the person was coerced. This evidence can be drawn from a wide variety of different sources.

What circumstances can lead to someone being unduly influenced?

Coercion Through Threats Of Violence Or Blackmail

More seriously, the will may have been changed under a threat or violence against the testator. This usually is carried out by individuals who are unlikely to be named in the will. They might have fallen out with the person who is making the will or they might just be a distant relative.

You will be able to resolve these kinds of will disputes if your evidence is compelling enough to prove that threats of violence were made. This is why you need to hire a solicitor to help you formulate a watertight case.

Coercion Through Persuasive Techniques

Coercion can happen in a couple of different ways. Some people or organisations might try to make suggestions that seem innocuous at first but which hide their intent to claim money from the person making the will. This is usually done over a long period of time so that the person making the will is unduly influenced.

Sometimes people working for charities and other organisations may supply the person making the will with a lot of information. This could cause them to leave something in their will to the organisation, which they otherwise might not have done.

Coercion Can Happen When Someone Is Ill

Illness can affect people’s ability to make decisions. Certain people might be targeted when they fall ill because they are not able to make fully logical decisions at that point. This could happen when a relative is staying with the sick person and the will may be altered during that time.

If you think that a will has been changed whilst the person was sick, then it is a very good idea to contact a lawyer and see whether you have grounds for making a claim.

Coercion Can Happen When Someone Is Not Of Sound Mind

Dementia and Alzheimer’s can affect a person’s ability to make a will. They might be coerced when they are not fully aware of their surroundings. This means that the will is going to be invalid. You can challenge the will when you have the help of a solicitor.


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