How Does Sssts Training Course Create Better Site Supervisors

Fotolia 112285132 Subscription Monthly MConstruction of buildings, amenities and facilities is considered to be a mark of progress of a nation. However, construction sites pose a great danger to the workers. It is therefore imperative for site managers to ensure a completely safe and non-hazardous working space for construction workers. In fact, it is mandatory to train site managers and other employees who are going to acquire a managerial position to enrol for a Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS) course.

These courses are undertaken at many registered agencies. In these courses and training programs, every participant is made aware of the safety and health updates at the workplace, with special importance to construction sites. Typically, this course spans over 2 days and ends with a written examination. If the participant passes this examination, a SSSTS training certificate is provided to them. Let us look at the various reasons for which you should book an SSSTS training course, if you haven’t already done it.

  • Comprehensive knowledge about site safety

A manager or supervisor is looked up to by other employees. It is very important for the person working in this position to be aware of the most updated versions of rules and regulation governing construction site safety rules. This training course includes the detailed analysis of National Health and Safety Acts, legal documentation and approved practices regarding safety at the construction site.

  • Assessment of risks

This training course will make the supervisor deft at assessing potential risk areas and problems that may arise at the construction site. Course participants are trained to assess potential occupational hazards like electricity hazards, fire hazards, demolition related hazards, height hazards, confined space hazards etc. Timely assessment and control of these hazards ensures complete site safety.

  • Better action in case of emergency

Because the course includes case studies which give special emphasis on the number of accidents that happened at construction sites and the severity of the accidents; the supervisor is better prepared to act in case of an accident. The supervisors who have attended this training program will be able to understand the laws and legal obligations related to the accident.

  • Better training of subordinates

A supervisor who attends the SSSTS training course is good at instructing and guiding subordinates how to act and react during an accident. Hence, a trained supervisor will create a trained workforce, and this will result in a construction site that is safe for workers.

  • Legal obligation

In most countries, SSSTS course training of site supervisors is a legal requirement. Failing to abide by it may result in temporary or permanent suspension from work and related activities. Also, in case of an accident at construction site, the regulatory officials ask for the SSSTS course certificate of the site supervisor. Failure to furnish it might lead to serious consequences for the supervisor.

The above-mentioned reasons are compelling enough to make a site supervisor book an SSSTS training course. Participating in this course ensures safety at the workplace for the supervisor and all employees. Hence, this course should not be delayed.

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