Best flooring for homes with pets

dogWe are a nation of animal lovers, and there are an estimated 57 million pets in the UK in 2017, with dogs and cats leading the field by a healthy majority. Feathers and fur, along with mud, dust, mites, fleas and other output can wreak havoc in the domestic environment, especially on floors.

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Some surfaces are obviously more appropriate than others. Carpets are generally unsatisfactory as a flooring choice, because they absorb so much and are more difficult to keep clean. However, carpet tiles are a good option for spot replacements and some products are specifically manufactured for pet use.

The ideal flooring is durable, scratch-proof and easy to clean, but this does not necessarily mean sacrificing style, comfort and value. For pet friendly floor ideas, read

Natural stone or composites

Generally stone, tiles or concrete composites are the hardest wearing and are easy to clean. There are many stylish choices to fit in with your décor, from budget to premium options.
Stone or similar is generally cool and can also be temperature controlled through under-floor heating. Rugs can add stylish touches, and are easy to wash and useful in high traffic areas. Negatives to consider with natural stone type floors are that they are unforgiving to lay on and can be slippery when wet.

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Hardwood flooring

Although attractive, wood can scratch easily, so softwoods such as pine should be avoided. There are engineered hardwoods with scratch-resistant surfaces. Price can also be an issue, but if this is your preferred choice, aim for dense hardwoods such as teak, Brazilian walnut or hard maple.

Laminates/vinyl flooring

These are versatile and generally cheaper, but available in a huge range of patterns and colours, and some very good ‘natural’ finishes, such as wood, or grey laminate flooring which looks like stone. They’re generally noise mitigating, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean, but the sealant used to moisture proof the surface can be slippery for pets. Also ‘accidents’ and mud need clearing up promptly, because liquid can seep into the joints and lift the laminate.

A good range of wood flooring and laminates is offered by specialist flooring providers, such as

There is plenty of choice to suit décor and budget, but wear and tear and liquid resistance are probably the key factors for the right choice.

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