Questions to Ask a Videographer Before Hiring

wedding videographerIt is important to hire the right type of videographer for your event to ensure they make a film which you can enjoy for years to come. If you are looking for a videographer who specialises in making baby films, you must seek out a company who has plenty of experience in this industry, there isn’t much point in using a wedding expert for your kid’s first birthday party.

What events do they specialise in?

If it isn’t already obvious you should ask what kind of events the videographer specialises in, some individuals will advertise themselves within a certain field, but they may have plenty of experience with filming other types of events. To be safe, you can always visit sites like to ensure you hire a videographer with expert knowledge of making films for children’s events. At least you know exactly who you are paying for when they arrive at your kid’s birthday party, an individual with no experience may make a mess of the whole process and it is not something you can just redo once the day has passed.

How long have they been working in the industry?

It is important to find out how long a company has been working in the industry, a business which has been running for a number of years should have expert knowledge in their field. But, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you’ll encounter organisations who haven’t been in business for a significant period of time, but are highly capable and qualified to film your event. You should ask questions about their staff and find out what they were doing before they joined the company.

What kind of style do they prefer, or offer?

When it comes to film making there are 2 main kinds of styles, one is cinematic, the other documentary. Before deciding on one, you should do a little research online and find out what the difference is between the two.

Do they know your photographer, or can they provide their own?

If you haven’t already hired a photographer, why not ask the videographer does their company cater for both. Most videographer will know photographers and vice versa, so it is better to hire an organisation who has contacts in both fields. If they have worked together on other projects they know how each other operates, meaning they won’t get in each other’s way while shooting.

Can they provide any samples?

Before hiring you’ll want to know what their work looks like, they should be able to provide you with material from previous clients and projects they have covered. This will give you a better idea about their operations, if their style is at complete odds with what you want, it is better to seek out another professional.

It is important to gather as much information about your videographer and the company they work for before you decide to hire them for your big day. You’ll want a person who specialises in your particular area, so you’re guaranteed a high-quality service. It’s an important day so don’t settle for anything mediocre.

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