How to attract more readers to your articles

Online reputation management Los Angeles has been an increasingly popular search query in recent months. This is due to the fact that more and more people are turning to Google to look for solutions to their problems.

When you think about the posts and links you click on, they need to seem familiar to you or at least have an eye-catching headline. They need to invoke real emotions such as tugging at your heartstrings, give goose bumps or make people cry.

How to attract more readers to your articles

Even though an article is very well written with great supporting arguments and imagery, if it does not heave an amazing headline, not many people will be enticed to click and read it.

Catchy headlines with great content will naturally get more clicks and engagement, which is good for search engine optimization. Google will actually rank content higher the more it is engaged with.

When you turn to the search to help you out, there is no shortage of articles out there. One of the best things to turn to is data since it is easy to understand and more trustworthy.

BuzzSumo have actually looked at 100 million different headlines to see which ones have acquired the most Facebook engagement. They have shared their findings to their readers.

They have found that using certain word combinations at the beginning or at the end of a headline get more engagement. Some examples of these combinations are “will make you”, “this is why” and “the reason is”.

Even having headlines that evoke certain kinds of emotion will get people to click on your articles. Word combinations such as “make you cry”, “melt your heart” or “can’t stop laughing” are all great to use. In essence, better headlines make people curious. That is the reason they tend to click on your content since they are so powerful.

Other ones that work are adding the words “that only” in the title. For example, 12 things that only gymnast’ understand. On the other hand, there are certain word combinations to avoid such as “control of your”, “work for you” or “your own business”.

Out of all the 100 million different articles, the ones that start with the word “this” tends to get a lot of engagement. Also if you want to make a list of reasons, your best option is to stick to 10. If that is not possible, go with multiples of 5. 7 is the fourth most engaged list number.

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