Cycling in Style and Comfort with Eye-Catching Jerseys and More

Do you want to look good and be comfortable at the same time? Everyone who is asked this question would answer yes. But, can you wear clothing that will catch the eyes of people around you and be able to ride without feeling restricted by your jersey and shorts? In a word: yes!


Just visit the website of one of the respected suppliers of unique well-designed cycling jerseys and other attire, select from the extensive inventory of beautiful and functional items, and then get on two wheels and ride.

The Jersey

Specialised shirts have been a key part of the cycling world for decades. These jerseys are generally cut long in the back to stay in place when the cyclist is bent over in riding position. If the jersey had pockets, they were placed on the back so items wouldn’t spill from pockets placed on the front. Zippers are usually longer than on other types of shirts to allow the cyclist to get better ventilation. It’s also important for a jersey to have a relatively tight fit to reduce air resistance and they’re made from material that will efficiently carry moisture away from the skin.

Colour usually plays an important part in the jersey, especially team colours in major events. Most people are familiar with the yellow jersey awarded to the segment leader during the Tour de France, perhaps the most famous cycling event in the world. But you can choose to stand out from the crowd with cycling jerseys that push a bit past the line of single colours. For several years, cycling enthusiasts have had access to clothing introduced by an artist and designer whose passion takes the look of jerseys to a whole new level.

For example, the Dragon men’s jersey is in the vintage line with two major colours but the back is adorned with an intricate dragon graphic. Get the look of waves with the Wave men’s jersey in a brisk blue or the classic Winged Wheel men’s jersey, understated yet appealing. For the female cyclist, the Day of the Living women’s jersey in white or black will certainly turn a few heads, as will the exquisite Dragonfly design. The careful design and manufacture of each item ensures that every cyclist will roll in comfort.

Much More

You can complete your attire with a choice of cycling shorts available in a range of styles and colours, T-shirts featuring a variety of great graphics and inspirational messages, and even a few choices in boxer briefs that display some of the same outstanding graphics as other clothing items. To make your look truly complete, you may want to browse through some of the high-quality, brightly coloured socks and then choose a cycling cap in the classic design. The caps are 100% polyester mesh for the best ventilation and are designed to be worn by both men and women.

You’ve invested a lot of time and hard-earned money in your equipment. Take the extra step and wear jerseys, shorts, and other clothing items of the highest quality. You’ll not only look great; you’ll feel that way too.


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