Top Tips for Making Instructional Videos

Instructional videos are great tools for teaching a wider range of audiences in areas such as education, technology, and commercial business. These training videos are great for saving time and money when educating employees or new recruits in your company, they do not even have to be in the same area or time zone, and they are exceptionally convenient and flexible for training purposes.


Preparation & Planning

Before deciding on the type of instructional video you will create, make sure you devise a strategy to achieve your main objectives, an effective training video includes a number of elements and sitting down to establish your goals will ensure you cover all the required video content. When you have decided on your subject matter choose a colleague who has an excellent knowledge of the content and ask them to produce a list of components which should be included in the video, aim to create a short, informative film that captivates your audience. Select an appropriate location for the shoot and choose a date/time for when you will carry out a trial run.

Brief Summary of the Content

Start with an introduction, then give a brief summary of the course content and what exactly will be covered during this instructional video, clearly present the course material speaking in a neutral accent. The video concludes with a summary to recap on some of the key points made throughout the presentation, it is important to remember to connect with your audience and use production techniques such as face time to emphasise relevant points while building a bond.

Practice Makes Perfect

Carry out practice shoots to allow you to fine tune your demonstration, concentrate on developing course content which is simple yet appropriate for your video, for this you will need to communicate with the most knowledgeable individual in your company, these meetings should also include your main presenter if they are not the same person as your knowledge consultant. It is important to choose a presenter who has a presence and connects with the viewers, if they complete novices they can use aids such as cue cards to assist them in their performance.

Time to Shoot

Create an atmosphere where everyone is relaxed, especially your host, who may be stood behind a camera lens for the first time, a good trick to use when filming is to break the video up into small manageable pieces, this gives the presenter time to focus and concentrate on each new section. Make sure to enjoy the experience and keep the atmosphere fun and positive throughout.

Online Solutions

If you feel like you need to consult a specialist organisation who deal with video production there is a huge variety to choose from online and for Manchesters top video production company call Viva La Zoom who can provide an expert service for their clients, these businesses help tailor videos specifically designed to suit your company’s needs.

Video production is an exciting field that provides a platform for training and teaching, if you plan ahead and remain positive you can create an excellent instructional video with the help of colleagues and a competent video production team.

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