How to Cut the Stress of Moving with a Toddler

Moving house is stressful enough, even for a single person, but if you have a toddler in the house, it can make all the difference. A baby can be looked after by a trusted friend or neighbour, but an energetic 3 year old is not so easy to palm off for the day, and if you are the parent of a young child and you are about to relocate, here are some helpful hints to make the move go smoothly. But before reading ahead consider hiring an expert from to help with the big move.

Plan the Move with Junior in Mind

If there is one family member that could devote themselves to the toddler for the entire day, this would be ideal. Of course, mum or dad will instinctively want to take care of their child, but they will be far too busy liaising with the removal team, and this is definitely one time when mum and dad need to be excused from parental duties, even if it’s only for a few hours. All reputable removal companies will make allowances for a toddler running around, but let’s not forget safety, so young children should be supervised at all times when the removal people are there.

Arrange a Family Visit

If you are lucky enough to have grandparents living nearby, this will be your saviour during the move. Most parents will be only too happy to have their grandchildren stay for a few days, and with the right preparation, your child will have a great time with his or her immediate family. It isn’t a good idea to send your toddler to a place they have never been before, as you will be stressed, worrying how they respond to a strange environment.

An Overnight Stay

Once all your home contents have safely arrived at the new residence, there is still a mountain of work to do, and the last thing you want is your young child running around. If your child is not used to you being away for long periods, now is a good time to start, as very soon, he or she will have to start pre-school.

Stay Calm

It is a parent’s natural reaction to worry about their child, but during a relocation, you will need your wits about you, and with junior safely in the company of trusted adults, you can focus on achieving the impossible and making the new home liveable within the space of a few hours. It is virtually impossible for a parent to effectively oversee moving the entire contents of the home while their child is running around unattended, so make sure you find a suitable minder and an extended stay would never go amiss, if you can stand being away from your child for a few days.

Moving home with a young toddler in the family is best done by delegating day care until such a time as the move is over and everything in the new home is neatly in place.

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