How to Design an Eco – Friendly Room for Your Child

Does your children’s room look like a small warehouse of toys, books, drawings and crafts and you have no idea what to do with it or how to organize it? Well, lustre services is here to help you do that.

Every new day brings a new artwork from your child that creates a huge mess in your home. You can stick the drawings to the wall with adhesive tape used by painters, which does not damage the color of the walls. It can be purchased from every store and is available in various colors.

Friendly Room

If you are not determined to get rid of the small “artworks” created by your children over the years, and you have a scanner, create a folder on the computer dedicated to all the things that your children drew.

Friendly Room

One of the great ways to save children’s items are decorative boxes that can be purchased in various sizes. For toys, books, papers and even for shoes and clothes. You can easily transfer them from one place to another and reorganize them.

The best way to know where you put things, make sure that you arrange things according to priorities. The thing that is mostly used by your child should be placed on a visible and easy to reach place and you can just clean up the mess when he or she is done playing.

When it comes to organizing stuffed animals instead of putting them in huge boxes, you can make a wall decoration. There are hundreds of different ways to do this you can find on the internet. You will organize toys and have a new decoration.

For children’s closets avoid hangers because they are not sufficiently skilled to properly use them and are inconvenient for them. Focus on the shelves and on decorative baskets which will be easier for the kids to take clothes.

If you want to create and design an eco – friendly room for your baby, know that you made the right decision because you will provide your baby with a healthy environment and protect their health.

To begin, find bedding and mattress for the baby bed of small producers, made only of natural materials that do not contain polyester, oil or glue, and bedding that is not bleached or treated with any chemicals.

Where to find them?

Online selling is now very popular throughout the world, and since the eco lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular the access to these products is richer. All you need to do is to choose what suits you best.

Be sure to ask the local producers and small businessmen about what type of materials they use to make their products.

On the floor nursery put wooden flooring, no carpet from wall to wall, but if you want the carpet then use some of the natural material, cotton or wool.

The walls should be painted with colors that do not contain toxins. To clean your baby’s room, use only lukewarm water with a little soap or lemon juice for fragrance, and forget about chemical products.

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