How To Implement The Workplace Safety Signs For A Better Workplace

Workplace Safety

In the industrial space, where the human beings are working 24/7 on the machines which are of magnanimous sizes, injuries and workplace accidents are bound to happen when there are no workplace safety signs properly implemented and used. The machines wore off every day making itself more vulnerable to the cause of accidents but as a safety officer or even the supervisors should make it a point to implement the signs of the workplace safety properly to make the workers and other people in the plant understand those signs and how to use them in the time of need.

There is no meaning in waiting for the time when an accident is about to happen or already happened to use the safety procedure, the workers should be well aware of these safety measurements so that none of them can get hurt or even if there is an accident, immediate measures can be taken.

Types of workplace safety signs

There are mainly 2 different types of workplace safety signs which are available in the market.

  1. Sticker-type Signs: These are stickers which are huge in size which are pasted with the adhesive comes along with the sticker only on the floors of the industrial plants. To fix these stickers on the ground, you need to first clean the area by sweeping, so that no dirt or particles of the industrial waste, debris is there on the ground. You need to stick it as flat as possible. The sticker will have adhesive on its backside, you just need to peel the paper which will expose the adhesive on its back and then put it on the ground where you want to stick it. Then tap it on the ground evenly so that it gets glued to the ground in the right manner. Try to fix it as smoothly as possible.
  2. Inlaid floor Signs: These are to be embedded in the ground and not just stick to it. Though these might take a little more effort of yours this is a more long-lasting sign. In this case, as well you need to completely clear the ground where you want to embed the signs and not just clear it from dirt but you have to prepare the ground as well. Before fixing the epoxy, you need to borderline the area within which the signs will be embedded. You can use temporary stickers for bordering the area so that it can be removed easily once the epoxy is fixed. Once you completed the border, put the sign on the floor and put the epoxy on it. Cover the whole sign with the epoxy with paint or any other big brush. You can remove the air bubbles if any with the blowtorch as well. Protect the area from anyone tamping inside while the epoxy settles and dries out. It takes around 24 hours for the epoxy to dry completely and then you can peel the borderline off.

With the workplace safety signs, you can enforce a safe and better working environment in the plants for the workers and the employees.

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