The Value of Check-up & Health Screening for Men

Men tend to look the other way when it comes to visiting the doctor, even when they are ill, they do their best to avoid going to any kind of medical facility. You can take a lot of steps to ensure you follow a healthy lifestyle, but some problems are unavoidable no matter how hard you try. Regular health screening is vital because a lot of individuals have no idea they are at risk.

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Basic Steps Towards a Healthy Body

All men must follow a healthy lifestyle if they wish to reduce the risk of suffering from a serious illness or injury. Here are just some of the many ways you can improve your overall health and regulate your body weight.

  • You should consume a healthy diet based around fresh vegetables, fruit, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. In addition, your food regime should include essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It is important to exercise regularly, aerobic activities should be performed for at least 60 minutes each day to improve your cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory, and muscular system.
  • You must find ways of dealing with stress using methods such as meditation.
  • Try to stop smoking, or don’t start at all.
  • Make sure to have a regular check-up with a doctor at least once a year.

Health Screening

Health screening for men consists of several medical examinations depending on the type of package you pay for. Some of the types you will encounter as a patient include blood pressure, body mass index (BMI) and cholesterol. If you are carrying excess weight, you are at a higher risk of contracting diabetes from high blood sugar levels. A health screening test will evaluate your weight, body fat percentage and height. If you’ve high levels of glucose in your bloodstream you may be at risk of diabetes, a doctor will be able to inform you of the results.

Colorectal Cancer Screening

If you opt for an advanced health screening package for men in one of Singapore’s medical centres, they’ll screen you for colon cancer. Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of death for men around the world, if you are over 50 years of age and haven’t had a rectal exam, it is time to have one. If anyone in your family has been previously diagnosed with colorectal cancer, you should make sure you go for tests even sooner.


This can be a major factor for a range of illnesses, more seriously, if left unchecked can lead to heart disease. If you are over the age of 35 you should have your cholesterol checked every 5 years, if you’ve certain risk factors, it should be monitored a lot sooner.

If you’ve never had a rectal exam or a cholesterol test, you’re not alone. An alarmingly high number of men have never had any sort of health screening tests, most are reluctant to visit a medical centre even when they are sick. Early diagnosis is paramount if you want to avoid dealing with a serious illness.

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