How to use home remedies to treat dandruff problems

etoDandruff is a result of dry scalp. It is a skin condition which can happen due to eczema, psoriasis or growth of malassezia which is yeast like fungus.

Dandruff can also lead to hair fall for which one can use ketomac shampoo hair loss and dandruff shampoos which contain zinc pyrithione that can eradicate the bacteria and fungus causing dandruff. These shampoos can wash the loose flakes away. But there are also some amazing home remedies which one can try to get rid of dandruffs.


This tablet contains active ingredients like salicylic acid and this one is the same that is there in medicated dandruff shampoos. Crush two aspirin tablets to fine powder and add them to your regular, normal shampoo when you wash your hair. Leave it for 2 minutes and then rinse well. Wash again with a plain shampoo. You can keep the white flakes away with this.

Tea tree oil

If your shampoo has even 5 percent of tea tree oil, it can reduce the severity of dandruff. Such is the effectiveness of tea tree oil. You can also add a few drops of this oil when you are shampooing and then wash it normally. This not only reduces dandruff but also makes your hair healthy.

Baking soda

This can lead to a flake free and itch free scalp. Wet you hair well and then rub a spoonful of baking soda on your scalp. Do not shampoo but just use plain water to rinse and wash it off. Baking soda actually reduces the overactive fungi which cause dandruff. Your hair will seem to be a bit dry for the first few days but then the scalp will start producing natural oil which will make your hair soft and free of flakes.

Apple cider vinegar

This is another great remedy for dandruff. The acidity of apple cider can change the pH of your scalp and stops the yeast from growing back. One needs to mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with a quarter cup of water and then put it in a spray bottle. They need to spray the mixture on their scalp and then wrap the head with a towel to sit for 15 minutes. Then wash the hair with a mild shampoo. If this is done twice a week, then one can see effective results.

Mouth wash

If you have heavy dandruff problems then this can be a remedy. Wash your hair with your shampoo and then rinse it well with an alcohol based mouth wash. Follow them with a regular conditioner. Mouth wash has some anti fungal properties which prevents the dandruff causing yeast.

Coconut oil

Many people say this oil is also a tested one for dandruff treatment. Before one is taking shower, they need to message 3 table spoons of coconut oil on their scalp and sit for an hour. Then wash it well with a proper shampoo. This can make the hair healthy and remove dandruff.

One can also try natural dandruff shampoo to solve this problem.

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