Who’s Responsibility To Promote Wheelchairs For Future Use?

Whos Responsibility To Promote Wheelchairs For Future UseIn most of the country’s 25% of their population is facing a physical challenge. They are physically disabled by nature to perform numerous tasks which can be done by an average citizen of the country. This has kept them in an insecure zone which means that they are considering themselves separated from the rest of the world. In reality, this should not happen at any cost because they got the equal right to live as happily as compared to any average person. In fact, there should be more facilities provided to them to make them feel comfortable and self-reliable. For example, each public or private building should be designed in such a way that they can easily have the access to it through their wheelchair. Same applies to the public parks and transport system.

Here specifically we would like to stress on transportation because through this medium they can easily carry themselves from one spot to the other. But it has been found that in almost every other country adoption the culture of wheelchair access vehicles are not in a trend. This is hampering their day to day travel schedule and they are completely relying to their personal vehicles. Now the question arises here that whose responsibility become to provide them such smooth structure where they can feel free to travel where they would like to.

With the passage of time the means of transportation has been advanced and now days the invention of vehicles specially designed for disabled personality has given the advantage to them to make a space for them along with their wheelchairs. So this means that government can procure those vehicles or they can give the contract to run those vehicles through legal method. This will definitely help disabled citizen and will provide them leverage to explore the numerous parts of the cities.

Now, just to brief that how wheelchair access vehicles operate in reality, well usually as per their latest designed from the rear part the ramp is attached through the advantage of technology. The passenger can aboard the vehicle as there is enough space from the side and height as well.  Moving further, once wheelchair access vehicles are on the road as a transport it would be ideal to book them through using an APP (Applications). Why applications? Because they are less time consuming and you will get the advantage of booking as compared to others. Apart from this these special wheelchair access vehicles have the upper hand to park very close to the market, on the other hand, normal vehicles have to park far end.

In the end, we can say that it is obviously become the responsibility of local government to provide all the facilities to their citizen regardless of their physical conditions. If they really promote WAV in town or outer skirts then definitely it will boost up the moral of disabled one. Moreover procuring these types of vehicles is not an expensive task. They are safe and recommended for travelling purposes by the experts.

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