How UrbanClap helped me with packers and movers

It was my last fortnight in my lovely rental apartment where I was staying for last 3 years, located in posh Delhi suburb, it was one good thing that used to relieve me after a hectic day at work, which usually extended way beyond 12 hours. However there was also great happiness as I was moving into my own apartment, which I purchased about a year ago, and everything right from paperwork to furniture was done. Everything looked right in place, and I told my landlord that I was vacating the flat 15 days in advance, and due to my excellent equation with the landlord, he agreed to reimburse me for the remaining half of the month’s rent that I had already paid.

UrbanClap helped me with packers and movers

So at 9 am on the day when I was getting ready to vacate the flat, I was dialing a packers and movers company that I had already hired, and I was really taken aback when they said that it was going to take them about 2 hours to reach my place as they agreed to show up sharp 8:30 in the morning, I didn’t reach for it, and decided to wait.

At 11:30 pm, I called these guys, clearly, I was agitated, and sounded a bit sarcastic, and asking them if they would come after 10 hours! But what they said totally took me by surprise – “Vehicle broke down sir” yelled one of the professionals with packers and movers. I called the company to ask them to get me alternate arrangements as it wasn’t my fault and being in this business, I expected them to have some sort of backup plan in case of such eventuality, sadly there wasn’t. I wanted to brunt the frustration out, but I couldn’t waste my time, the clock was ticking.

I called directory services and asked for numbers of packers and movers in Delhi, but the moment I ended the call, I started getting back to back calls, and I had to explain it to every individual to just quote me absurdly high amount, perhaps it was due to fact that I wanted the service immediately, and they sensed that they could make money out of it.

Disgruntled, I  started looking up for something on the internet; apps have changed really the way we do businesses, for instance, e-commerce has really threw out malls from the retail business, similarly, I was hopeful that I would something catering to packers and movers too. Then I stumbled upon UrbanClap, hoping for the best, I got the app from the app store (Since I have an apple phone, but they have android app as well), and fortunately they had this service in Delhi, I quickly created the requirement, and during the process, I liked the fact that it was detailed and asked me all questions pertaining to packing and moving. It was already close to 1, and I was heading towards great trouble.

At around 2:30 PM, I got a quote from provider, telling me about services and everything in detailed, I chose it, the rate was reasonable, and the everything I cared for was covered, it was great, and the guy agreed to show in about an hour, and they were right on time. I had dealt with packers and movers in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and many other cities before, they are certainly not known for punctuality, but here I was looking up to different experience.

It was all done with great care, and they had good carriers to take care of it, the vehicle used to move things was clean and that really mattered a lot to me, because I am very particular about hygiene, by late evening we were all done, and the packers and movers didn’t ask for tips. The entire work was done at a much lower rate than what the initial packer and mover who didn’t show up had quoted; I was elated with the marvelous experience and called their customer service to express my gratitude for providing excellent services.

Although I am in my own house now, I wouldn’t be needing packers and movers anymore, but if any of my friends ever did, I would ask them to go with UrbanClap.

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