5 Health Benefits Of Music

Benefits Of Music.

We’ve all felt the power of music when a particular song recalls a long-lost memory from the depths of our psyche. Likewise, music has an ability to profoundly affect our moods, leading to anything from euphoria to melancholy to a state of calm. All of this is a result of the way that our brains react to music and certain songs are even able to cause a release of the “happy hormone” dopamine. Much research has been carried out into the positive effects of music not only on our minds but also on our physical health. As a result of such studies, many researchers believe that music can contribute to the following 5 health benefits:

  1. Relieves Stress

The beat of music has been proven in many cases to affect the listener’s heartbeat. As a result, slow and calming music has the ability to slow the heartrate, thus reducing stress and anxiety. Music also allows the listener to relax and take their mind of things, making it the perfect escape from the stresses of the world outside. Upbeat music has been shown to regulate emotions and increase happiness, making it a great cure for a down day.

  1. Increases Cognitive Abilities

Both listening to music and playing a musical instrument have been shown to improve cognitive abilities. By listening to and reading music, you are using parts of your brain that are not utilised in other everyday tasks, which acts as a mental workout that can keep your mind sharp. This is why it is so beneficial for children and adults alike to learn to play an instrument. Check out one to one music courses in Singapore to see how music could improve your mental abilities. Music is especially helpful in reducing the negative effects of Alzheimer’s as has been shown to allow patients to recall memories that they were otherwise unable to. In addition, it can improve the social interaction skills and attention spans of those with autism.

  1. Increases Effectiveness of Exercise

Some tests have shown that listening to music whilst exercising can improve your workout. By providing stimulation to your brain, music can spur your entire body on to achieve more through sport that you would usually be able to do. It can especially boost performance when it comes to aerobic exercise and jogging.

  1. Pain Relief

It has even been suggested that music could provide a form of pain relief for patients undergoing surgery or recovery from an illness or accident. By listening to music throughout ongoing treatment, patients have been known to report a reduction in feelings of pain.

  1. Comforting Effects

Music has also been utilised to help with people who are going though anger management issues to help calm them and provide comfort, and also for elderly people or those with terminal illness to decrease feelings of fear and loneliness.

Music is a magical thing. With so many health benefits to be reaped from listening to and playing music, why not pick up some headphones or a new instrument today?

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