Large Format Tiles Are Revolutionising Bathroom Design

Find out how large format tiles can completely transform your bathroom, creating an attractive and practical space for the whole family to enjoy.

Hygiene, ease of maintenance, versatility of style, affordable cost and the fact they can be waterproof or splash proof are just some of the reasons tiles make sense when it comes to decorating your bathroom.


The only challenge that comes with tiling a bathroom is choosing the tile pattern or style, and also choosing how to arrange those tiles once you have chosen them. There are so many different types to choose from these days, including all the latest interior design colour and pattern trends,that selecting the perfect tiles seems like an impossible task.

The solution? Large format tiles.

The Benefits Of Large Format Tiles For Bathrooms

Making Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Large format tiles have previously been overlooked as a choice for small room design because there was a myth they made they space feel smaller. Luckily, designers and homeowners have realised that large format tiles have quite the opposite effect and actually make a small space look bigger – a very simple home improvement anyone can do. This is because the size of the tiles and the lack of grout creates a smooth and seamless finish, visually making the tiled area look bigger.

Used With Underfloor Heating

Contrary to various myths that circulate the decor space, large format tiles can be used with underfloor heating, so there is no need to compromise on modern energy efficient choices you make for this part of your home.

Seamless Finish

Grout can be a feature with smaller tile design, but with larger format tiles grout isn’t used as much and so, the tiles are the main event instead. This makes a much more coherent look, and ensures the floor or wall has the tile design of your choice in complete focus.

Just As Many Qualities As Smaller Tiles

Although larger format tiles are indeed, larger, they still hold the same qualities as smaller tiles. They are made from porcelain just like smaller tiles, so can be waterproof, splashproof, hygienic, easy clean and exceptionally durable. You don’t make any compromises when selecting large format tiles instead of smaller tiles for your home decoration project.

An Exceptional Range Of Looks

The way that large format tiles are printed now is exceptionally advanced and high in quality. This means that you get an absolutely huge, or near enough limitless choice of looks to choose from for your bathroom design. The way you arrange the tiles is one choice, and large format tiles can be placed diagonally, in a traditional grid style, in a herringbone style – there are so many possibilities. Then there is the print on the tile. You can have concrete, bricks, natural stone, wood, or even high gloss block colours. There are so many options, and you cannot fail to create the exact look you want for your bathroom. The limit really is your imagination.

Large Format Tiles Bring Incredible Style To Your Bathroom

Large format tiles are an excellent choice for your bathroom design. The amazing qualities of porcelain, teamed with the incredible range of design and style on offer, means that the only difficult part of using large format tiles in bathroom design is choosing.

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