Meet Your Favorite People

Do you have a celebrity crush or an idol that you have wanted to meet or talk to for a long time? It is often hard to talk to celebrities because of their understandable security concerns and busy schedules. Also, most people won’t live in the same place as these people, or even anywhere geographically close. So most people will go their whole lives without even having so much as a conversation with the sports, TV, or music stars they love. There is a new solution though. A lot of stars and experts have begun working with a new website called At this website what happens is that you collide, or meet online with the stars that you are interested in. There are live video streams and chat rooms. SMS and calls with stars in music, sports, comedy, food, martial arts and a lot of other cool things.


A great part of this service is that it isn’t just paparazzi or reporters taking pictures and quotes. It is the actual creators or artists themselves talking straight to you. Not to a vague news audience that they don’t know. They are publishing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions straight to this site and straight to you. This isn’t like an interview, instead it is like a conversation between friends so that you can get to know these people better. This is real, not scripted or edited. This is the place for you to have a regular, normal conversation and collidewith some one that has inspired you.


This is the place to connect to people that you have seen on the screen or in magazines for a long time. This is a chance to really connect with them, as you interact with different people. Using this service, you can really get to know these people, who they are and what they think. In return they will get to really know you. Who knows, maybe they will make some lifelong friends in the fans and followers that engage with them as they use this site. A real connection is much more than knowing a lot about someone, it is about talking to them, communicating with them and really coming to know who them as a person. That is what sets the website apart from news sources and gossip sites. You can talk directly with the people you love and get to know them, rather than just getting to know about them.

The Right Place

A lot of people talk about meeting someone famous because they were in the right place at the right time. With the internet, it is easier than ever to be in the right place at the right time. Want to know where the right place is? At your computer at When is the right time? Whenever you are next at your desk or on your phone or mobile device. You don’t have to be lucky anymore, or that one in a million guy that gets to meet his hero. Anyone can be that person, and just collide with their heroes at this new site.

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