Who’s afraid of a little blood?

You can ask this question if you’ve got a trusty helper like Vanish to remove bloodstains from your clothing.

If you’re watching a horror movie and one of the characters emerges in the frame with bloodstained clothes, you should recoil at the implications of the scene – and not with the thought, ‘How are they ever going to get all those stains out?’

If this thought crosses your mind, it means that you have had some unpleasant experiences with blood stains in the past. It happens to everybody – little children may scrape a knee and get blood on their clothes, one may cut a finger while fixing dinner and get blood all over their shirt, and some people get blood on their clothes all the time – chefs, paramedics and doctors, for instance. Women have frequent battles with blood stains when they need to clean their underclothing during their menstrual periods. Besides, the sight of blood on the clothes, or indeed anywhere, is a gory one indeed.

All in all, blood flows in our bodies and it also gets onto our clothes. It can be really challenging to remove blood stains, but it is not impossible. And it is downright easy when you’ve got Vanish to assist you.

Why use Vanish to remove blood stains

No other stain removing system is as effective on blood stains as Vanish is. Vanish’s two variants – Vanish Shakti O2 and Vanish Liquid – are easy to use and highly effective in blood stain removal. They get to work on the stain at once, and even dried older stains may fade perceptibly after one treatment with Vanish.

Vanish Shakti O2 works with 10x active oxygen to lift, isolate and remove the blood stain from the clothing. Vanish Liquid, meanwhile, contains a fast-acting formulation that seeps deep into the clothing fibres and sets about separating the stain molecules for effective removal. Your struggles with blood stain removal are now over!

How to remove blood stains using Vanish

When you notice the blood stain, start by flushing out the garment with cold running water. Turn the clothing inside out and blast the stain on the inside with running water. The excess blood is removed; do not rub the clothing.

Rub some Vanish Shakti O2 on the area to make a paste. Set aside for at least one hour. Or you can add the powder to half a bucket of cold water and soak the garment as directed. Similarly, you can add Vanish Liquid to water before soaking, or apply the liquid directly to the stain.

Now wash the clothing with the rest of your clothes, using some Vanish and your usual detergent. The stain will come out in the wash, and your clothes will look as good as new – as if there was no blood stain to begin with!

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