Overview of Leukaemia

Leukaemia typically denotes cancer, where white blood cells exceed in numbers. What happens is that there is an excess inflow of white blood cells whereby disruption of normal blood cells occurs. It does put a doubt on the normal functions which blood tends to carry out. It could be divided further into myeloid or lymphoid. This is dependent on the type of blood cells that is affected. It could be further classified as acute or chronic depending upon the stage of progression.

Causes behind blood cancer

As per the inputs of the best blood cancer hospitals in India, this is more common in men than women.

  • If you are exposed to higher levels of radiation it does increase the chances of leukaemia
  • When you are exposed to the chemical benzene over a prolonged period of time, then the chances of contracting acute leukaemia increases
  • Smoking also increases the chances of developing acute leukaemia
  • Family history- if anyone in your family is affected by leukaemia the chances increase all the more.


When it comes to diagnosis the first thing that comes to the mind is a good medical record. By this it is found out on how this disease arose in the first place. A detailed physical examination is bound to take place and based on your history as well. In this regard blood tests are of utmost importance. Normally a sample of blood is being held under the microscope to find out how it looks and to understand more about the mature cells

Treatment in India

It has to be stated that treatment of leukaemia is complex. It does vary with the type of the disease and the treatment modules vary from an individual to another. It evolves upon the stage of the disease, the cells which are affected coupled with the age and general health condition of a patient.

You could resort to bone marrow transplant where radiotherapy and chemotherapy will help you to get rid of the cancer cells. Before a few days of the transplant, the bone marrow of the patient is normally destroyed and to the patient a new bone marrow is provided. It is provided in a bag which is then attached to a drip. It is through the blood it goes on to reach out to the bones and does start growing straight away. It has to be stated that it does take some amount of time so that new cells are being produced to ward off infections and at the same time prevent bleeding.  Till this point of time, the patient has to stay in hospital so that no form of infections or bleeding does emerge. In hindsight you are under the able guidance of a medical team

So on all counts do opt for the best blood speciality hospital in India, as they are up to date in terms of technologies, so that patients have  utmost comfort when being part of a surgery. It is a life changing decision and a lot of thought needs to be put on it.

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