Popular Countries From Where International Brides Come From

popular mail order bride countries

Looking for a wife can be a challenging journey for some men. Very often men will seek a wife abroad for several reasons. During World War II, it was not uncommon for American soldiers to meet women of their dreams abroad. They brought these women back to America. These women were referred to as War Brides! The practice of mail order brides or international brides is not a new one. Early settlers in the colonies sent for mail order brides. Many of these women were thought to be courageous, and pioneer type women. Many women came to America because life in England was difficult. The women were promised a chance to build a new and better life in the Virginia colony. They could choose their spouse from a group of eligible bachelors. This practice goes back to 1619! Women have been continuously answering the call for international brides, in order to seek better opportunities. Sometimes, there might be a lack of eligible men in their own nation, and not much opportunity for women to get ahead. There were roadblocks for women, too. Many educational institutions were not ready, to open their doors to women; they knew being a homemaker was one way out.

Now, there are at least ten popular countries where seeking a mail order bride or international bride can be studied. Instead of perusing a catalog, the internet has provided an extensive quick way to profile brides. Two interesting nations to study about international brides are Colombia and the Philippines.

For Colombia, the bride selection services are well thought out. Clients actually go dates to see if they are compatible. They might be called Romance Tours. The man and woman have knowledge of each other -this allows them to be familiar with each other’s character traits. There is often a dating range, and other selecting data which is formulated as groups, such as with children or without. Sometimes, these international bride services provide an interpreter and dating coach.


The question is- why is someone seeking an out of the country wife? What is it that is prompting the person to go to another pool of eligible women? Perhaps, men see different traits in different areas of the world! Sometimes, they want a woman like their mother, who might’ve been an immigrant. Moreover, Colombia women are considered good looking, soft spoken, and dress for the occasion. For these reasons alone, men find them gorgeous. Also, one must remember, that not every Colombian woman is looking for a green card. The truth is women out number the men in Colombia! The ratio is five Colombian women to one Colombian man. This makes finding a spouse more difficult. Additionally, another eye opening statistic is Colombian single women outnumber the single men by 11 to 1. That is difficult odds! On a typical night out, in a Colombian restaurant, in Barranquilla, can show you how the shortage of men is a reality. On a Saturday night in a restaurant named HENRYS the women to men ratio is 15 to 1! The other great advantage is that obtaining a visa is sometimes easier for South American women. In most cases, one can have a Latin women in their home in about 30 days. There are more chances of obtaining visas, of different sorts!

Secondly, let’s take a look at the Philippines, another nation with high statistics in this marriage spectrum. No doubt, the internet and increased technology has helped Philippine women take advantage of the opportunity of being an international bride. The life of a Philippine woman is often difficult and one of hardship. There is pervasive poverty, lack of employment, and lack of business opportunity. It is interesting to note, that not just American men seek Philippine women. There is a segment of Japanese men and South Korean men seeking Philippine brides. One main worry is to secure the safety of these women. Sometimes, the intentions of the bride seekers are not genuine, and the lady can be hurt, sold into slavery, or mistreated. The families sign contracts not knowing all that can happen to their daughters! Sometimes, these marriages have a huge disparity in age difference. However, most men report that Philippine women make good wives, and can cook, too. Lastly, one has to consider the life of a woman. A woman’s life is not always easy, although; it can sometimes get better with a good husband, even if he is not from your local area! Lastly, there are other nations popular with this type of agenda such as the Ukraine, Thailand, and Russia. Sadly, many nations have a decline in male populations since World War II! Take Latvia, it has a ratio of 84 males to 100 females. Yes, it is only natural for women to want husbands, and vice versa. Love has no boundaries.

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