Reasons To Opt For A Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

When you think of engagement rings; you automatically think of diamonds. After all; a diamond is a girl’s best friend. Getting engaged is a milestone event in a man and a woman’s life and they always want to make it exceptional. In the present era; we are all witnessing new twists given to old traditional customs and norms. In the same line, we see the white diamond engagement ring given a new twist with a pink diamond engagement ring.

The trend of pink diamond engagement ring is said to have initiated by Ben Affleck who bestowed it to Jennifer Lopez. You can consider it as your engagement ring. Why? Read on a few compelling reasons to choose a pink diamond investment ring from Argyle Diamond Investments.

A feminine and romantic colour

Most men get confused about choosing the right engagement ring for their partner. But you just cannot go wrong with pink diamonds. It is a rare event that a woman would not receive it well. This is because pink is a symbol of love and romance. It is a feminine colour oozing sensuality, passion and romance. A pink hue is also associated with sweet and tender emotions like happiness and delight. The romance of the pink ring gets highlighted with the secondary hue that accompanies the primary pink hue of the pink diamonds. Most common hues found along with pink are orange, purple and brown. A full pink diamond is a rare occurrence. Pink diamond rings stand out from all engagement rings as being truly unique and romantic.

A rare diamond

Pink diamonds are a rare commodity. It is mined in only a few locations on the globe like mines in Russia and Africa and even along Brazil’s rivers. However, their supplies have dwindled sharply. These past few years, the majority of pink diamonds are mined from the Argyle mine in Australia. But even its quantity is touted to be limited and is believed to be dwindling. This makes a pink diamond an expensive, rare and coveted choice. After all, who would not want a rare diamond to seal and commemorate the most special moment of their lives?

Breathtakingly beautiful

Diamonds look beautiful but pink diamonds take the statement notches higher. The allure and mesmerizing ooze of a pink diamond can leave just about anyone absolutely spellbound. Moreover, it is generally set in pink gold which is an alloy of gold, silver and copper. The alloy has a pink hue which takes the overall quality and style statement of the ring to a perfect dreamlike and romantic quality which can cast its spell on anybody. It can also be given a sharp contrast when set in platinum.

No matter in which alloy or metal it is set; it looks breathtakingly beautiful and oozes a slight aura of mystery. You cannot help but wonder about the dual tone hue of the pink diamonds. The entire look and unique feel are befitting of an engagement moment which is again so special and unmatched.

A pink diamond engagement ring is the easiest way to create unforgettable memories and have a testimony of it.

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