Review of 9apps Apk

It has been 20 years since 9apps Apk has been founded by the Alibaba Group of Company. This Android app distribution platform has received a lot of appraisal as well as some criticism from its users over this time. The following are some of the views of its users that have been segregated in the form of two questions that answer the positives and negatives of the application as reported by various users over the years.

What are some advantages of using 9apps?

Many users of this application are quite satisfied with its functioning. They found the app extremely user friendly; making it incredibly easy for its users to search and download apps and games on their devices. The application is also very small in size and occupies no more than 3-10 MB memory of the device. Many users are also impressed by the trending app suggestions that are shown on the home screen of the application. 9appsApk is also known for its regular updates of application and users. This provides its users with a large variety of games and applications to choose from, making them immensely satisfied with the app.

The main feature, though, that attracts most of its users though is that all the apps and games are available for free of cost on this platform. Also, the app is reported to have a really quick installation feature such that all the apps get downloaded at the speed of lightning.

Are there any negative concerns shared by users of 9apps?

Despite the positives, 9apps Apk has also received many negative feedbacks from its users. Some have reported that the apps that they downloaded from 9apps Apk were virus infected and affected the functioning of their devices like changing their handset or that their phone started getting hanged very often. Some users also complained that the app sometimes features advertisements that are full of adult content and that they cannot open it in from of their family to download applications because of the content that it displays.

Users also commented on how apps started getting downloaded automatically on their device which wasted their Internet data and also occupied the memory of their device. The safety of this device is also questioned because of its founder- the Alibaba group of company- the same one that developed UC browser which was banned from the Google play store for its unethical data sharing.

Overall, despite the criticism that this application has received, the statistics shows that more than 5 million people have used it at least once in the time period since it has been founded. Therefore, it depends on the personal choice of the customers.They may either choose to dwell on the negatives reported by other users and not try the application or they may choose to give it a chance for some time before making the decision as to whether they want to continue using it or switch to some other platform than 9apps Apk. Learn more about the apk downloader applications and services, on this website:

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