Samsung Galaxy S9 with special camera lens

Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S series devices are installed with improved quality lenses (F1.7 aperture), and each pixel (its size became 1.4 nm) has two photodiodes (12 megapixels x 2), which means more vivid images and fast focusing. For example, it has been available in Galaxy S8, and better result to be the part of Samsung Galaxy S9.

In Galaxy S9, the real revolution is the use BRITECELL technology and rejection of the filter for the green color, which greatly increases the amount of light passing through the lens glass. The significant increase in sensitivity can already be seen on the pictures. It is also significantly reduced time AF, which has now become almost instantaneous: Focus speed reaches 0.15 seconds (S7 model – 0.3 seconds).

Best of all innovations in imaging technology is noticeable when taking pictures in dark rooms and dusk. In addition to significant improvements in detail the amount of noise and improved image sharpness significantly decreased. HDR-image and become more colorful, due to instant focus and ultra-fast processor you can get them as fast as the normal photo. Despite the fact that the previous generation of cameras was good enough pictures taken by new devices that look attractive, and it is noticeable to the naked eye in the Galaxy S9.

Fast phase focusing and optical stabilization perfectly complement the ability to shoot video in 4K resolutions. Today, such a possibility is difficult to surprise, but it is not present in every flagship. Thanks F1.7 aperture, flash with the help of the screen, at the same 5 megapixel, to S7, selfie turns even more clear even in low light conditions, so here Samsung Galaxy S9 stands out.

The new devices allow making panoramic images using a live mode “Panorama movement”. “Giperlaps” mode is a unique opportunity to remove the video acceleration in time-lapse Professional Mode. Handshake compensated vDIS new technology (digital video stabilization). Motion Snapshot allows capturing three seconds before the shutter button and removes the “live” photos. Improved interface and customizable curved Edge screen includes up to 9 panels, and thanks Apps edge, for example, you can create up to 10 shortcuts and folders of applications. Quick access: selected phone numbers, applications, reminders and other customized your icons are available with one touch on the edge panel. These new apps will definitely make Galaxy S9 a better phone. Quick Tools: all the useful tools, such as a flashlight, ruler, compass, and others – are also available in one-touch.

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