These Summers Experience Dandeli River Rafting

Dandeli is a perfect tourist vacation spot which is located in the northern Karnataka. It offers the tourists visiting it with a flawless mix of the mesmerizing scenic beauty. This beautiful town is small and is situated on the banks of the River Kali and is surrounded with the thick tropical forests. In these tropical forests, different varieties of wildlife habitat with unusual types of birds and animals can be found. Dandeli is famous for adventurous games and popularly known for the Dandeli Rafting Package.

People who are visiting this place should travel along the flowing river for once and spot the different types of birds, animals and reptiles and hear their sounds. If you are searching for the ultimate destination for summers to get ride from your stress and enjoy a peaceful vacation then Dandeli is the right option for you. Other than Dandeli River Rafting, one can also enjoy the following:

  • Syntheri Rocks
  • Sangam Picnic Spot
  • Nagoda Back Water
  • Tibetian Temple
  • Supa Dam
  • Dudhsagar Water Falls
  • Sathodi Falls
  • Jog Falls
  • Jungle Camping
  • Trekking

Enjoy Dandeli’s White Water River rafting

One of the most challenging activity for recreation is river Rafting or white water river rafting. In this activity, people use a raft and through the river. This is typically done either on whitewater or on different degrees of rough water. This thrills as well as excites the raft passengers. From the mid 1970’s this activity has developed as a leisure sport.
In India, there are many places where you can find river rafting like Water Rafting Runs on Ganga, rafting on Zanskar, Rafting & Riverside Camping in Shivpuri and Rishikesh, rafting in Kolad, rafting on Teesta, rafting on Kali, rafting on Tons, rafting on Indus, rafting at Dandeli. Also, rafting in nearby countries i.e. Sri Lanka and Nepal are famous.

The Dandeli River Rafting is carried in a smooth, even- flowing river, which helps and lets the tourists enjoy the plentiful and beautiful nature around. While booking a Dandeli Rafting Package, one need not worry about the safety of the people and the other related precautions. The precautions are taken and followed very strictly and the experts also accompany the tourists throughout the activities. The tourists are also provided with oars, life jackets and helmet.

Wouldn’t it be too exciting and thrilling to paddle down a boat or a raft in a river? Plan a trip to Dandeli and experience the thrilling river water rafting. So now that you have the entire details of the place and the activities that are performed there and loved by the tourists. So avoid booking an ordinary beach vacation, plan and book yourself Dandeli Rafting Package, you can choose if you want to include accommodation in it or not.

Get Dandeli Rafting Booking done with Dandeli Dreams. They offer you with many more vacation packages other than Dandeli Rafting Package. You can enjoy your summers with your family and loved ones and have a great happy vacation!

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