Singapore Startups – 5 Ways Shared Office Space Can Benefit Singaporean Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur in Singapore, you have likely discovered that, as with entrepreneurs everywhere, it can be difficult to summon up the motivation to work consistently and productively each day. While you already have broken the mould by branching into the Singaporean marketplace and have begun providing value to customers with your innovative ideas, sometimes a little extra encouragement and support are necessary.

The best way to keep your momentum going is to surround yourself with like-minded people. They say that you are a combination of the five people you spend the most time with. If this is true, then keeping highly motivated people around you by utilising shared office space in Singapore is a great strategy for business success.

Let’s explore some of the benefits of shared office spaces and how they can benefit your business ventures in Singapore.

Boost In Productivity

If you are an entrepreneur or a professional with flexible working hours, it is almost certain that you know both the benefits and burdens of dealing with unstructured time. Having a structured place and schedule to work is key to winning the battle for productivity. The Hawthorne effect suggests that people who believe that they are being observed tend to work harder, even if this observation is in the more informal context of a shared working environment.

There is also something to be said for the increase in overall well-being that can come from removing some of the isolation of working remotely. Being around people who are living a similarly flexible lifestyle and are also highly motivated in being the best entrepreneurs they can be can have a beneficial effect for all parties involved.

Collaboration Breeds Creativity

The passion and motivation that comes from being around like-minded people in a shared office can be extremely effective for entrepreneurs. In a collaborative shared office environment, the community will inspire and encourage you in ways that are difficult to quantify. Networking and collaboration opportunities also happen more organically in shared office spaces. This is something that more conventional workplaces cannot take advantage of. The diversity of backgrounds and perspectives in a coworking space can add fresh insights into your business processes. You may even get an added feeling of satisfaction from helping your coworking colleagues with their projects in some small way.

Minimise Costs

Renting office space in Singapore is extremely expensive and can often be prohibitive to small startups. However, these costs no longer have to keep you from achieving your business goals. Shared office spaces in Singapore are great for startups because once you sign up, you gain immediate access to the service providers already established infrastructure, such as state-of-the-art fully fitted-out office space with all the amenities needed to run your business for one monthly fee, keeping your operating costs to a minimum.

Keep Operations Lean And Flexible

If you are planning on expanding your business internationally but you do not want to commit to the fixed and long-term costs of leasing traditional office space, sourcing utilities, and support staff, then shared office spaces are ideal. Premium providers of shared office spaces include everything that you might need to fulfil essential office functions on a month-to-month basis with no lock-in contracts. This leaves you open and flexible to focus on what is important for your business.

Faster Growth

The speed at which you can have your business up and running through a shared office space can allow you to grow your business at a much faster rate than with more conventional infrastructure. With a premium shared office provider, in-house telecommunications and high-speed internet connections are ready to go, as well as a dedicated highly-trained team of support staff at your disposal. You don’t have to spend precious time going through the tedious processes of finding the perfect office space and setting it up with internet and telephone lines or sourcing and hiring administrative staff.

Shared Offices Are The Future Of Entrepreneurship

Shared offices provide an excellent opportunity for businesses of the future to get ahead. However, not every business will be able to use shared offices to their advantage. If you are starting out in the type of industry which can benefit from shared office space, then explore this option for your startup. Learn more about the impact of office location, on this website:

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