Some Movies about the Deep web

The deep web is a very large part of the internet, and people eagerly want to know more about the Deep web but it is not necessary to visit Deep web links just to end the curiosity in your mind.

The deep web contains a lot of Illegal activities including selling of Drugs/Weapons/Credit Cards/Fake Ids etc and booking of Hitmen/Thieves/Hackers. Not only this, but you will find a lot of horrible stuff on the Deep web markets and the Dark part of Deep web which is known as Dark web.

Visiting the Deep web just to gather information about all these activities or just to end the curiosity in your mind is not a vital option. There is a way better option which won’t harm you in any way. There are many movies which are based about Deep web and the things which happen on the Deep web.

If you are someone with a lot of curiosity in his/her mind regarding Deep web then you are at the Right place.

Today, we will be discussing about some of the Movies based on Deep web which you will find on the internet.

Some Movies about the Deep web

  1. Dark Web (2016) – The Plot of the movie is so interesting, a mysterious group of people creates a sadistic venture means this group like to hurt people, they are pure cruel thrills who get the pleasure to hurting others. So in the movie, this sadistic group kidnap young women hurt them because of their thirst for blood and later broadcast the videos on the dark web for the rest of the world to see.
    Petra Silander
    Olivier Gruner
    Kendra Waldman

    2. Down the Deep, Dark Web (2016) – This is a web documentary, which was released in 2016 when we started to see many brutal videos from the dark web, most of them were coming from anonymous hackers and criminal groups, Whereas many videos were coming from terrorist groups too.

    I think this documentary was released at that time, The plot was based on Journalism style where people write without any kind of claims and objective most of the time reporter is the part of his journals, basically this reporting style claims to expose the unknown and backstage stories which general people have never seen or heard about. This journal style is often known as Gonzo-Style.

    SO, a Gonzo-Style goes beyond everything even when he knows he is going to face many problems. He later uncovers all the hidden lights of the deep web.
    Cast –
    Yuval Orr (Writer too)

  2. Deep Web (2015) – This is another documentary which is completely based on Deep Web. When Deep web and some of its famous places like Silk Road were getting famous on the internet, it does capture the attention of FBI, because it was a complete hidden illegal service.

    So, this documentary exposé many stories and name related to the deep web. It tells us about the rise of a new part of the internet. How dangerous and encrypted this place was and how all these things were working beyond the law.
    Cast –
    Nicolas Christin
    Cindy Cohn
    Joshua Dratel

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