Top Trade Show Display Booth Trends you should know

Giant corporations and other medium-sized companies put a tremendous amount of effort to ensure their trade show booth, event strategy, giveaways, and staffing are all excellently planned to optimize lead generation and sales. Just like any other marketing strategy, the trade show displays marketplace and its receptivity to various marketing and sales approaches vary with time. Here are some of the recent trends in trade show exhibits.

The changing technology

Technology advancement plays a significant role in trade exhibits and overall trade show marketing. The use of badge scanners for lead tracking, LED signage, apps that help exhibitors and attendees to locate one another, and the stunning booth presentations are some of the instances where technology is giving trade show exhibitions a significant impact, quality measurement, time efficiency, and more.

Real-time promotion

There are real-time marketing opportunities on social media channels such as Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and Vine. Thus, savvy trade show exhibitors have an opportunity to readily engage various decision makers during the show events to promote product presentations, drive booth traffic, communicate with the target audience, and schedule meetings.

Experiential, personalized selling

This is another exhibition trend which is becoming more popular. Instead of selling products and their features aggressively to attendees, trade show booth staff realize that they are more effective when they serve as soft-sell consultants. This requires the staff to engage the booth visitors by demonstrating products and services, asking more about the prospects’ needs, and offering solutions where necessary.

Consumers are always in search of a service provider who can listen to their needs and offer helpful, caring advice. Establishing trust helps build relationships that can generate more leads and increase sales. This process begins with the initial point of contact in the trade show exhibit area.

Keeping up with the clock

Trade show attendees have limited time. This induces the desire to get much accomplished within the limited time at trade shows. As a result, they do more targeted product evaluation than browsing. Your ability to hold multiple meetings in a day is an outstanding benefit to show your prospects. Remember, they focus on using their time efficiently to compare various products to make purchasing choices.

Purchasing teams

At large trade shows and exhibition events, companies tend to send buying teams instead of one company representative. These buying teams comprise a number of decision makers from an organization who visit your trade show booth and your competitors’ booths too. They evaluate the benefits of each product and compare them with your competitors’. They then make the purchasing decisions as a group on behalf of the company they represent.

Pleasing colors and inviting spaces

Many things are changing when it comes to how trade show booths and displays are created. An increasing number of exhibits are being created with affordable straight-line styles and displays with unique shapes that might seem expensive to create. In most cases, the preferred exhibit color pellets are always cooler in tone. Besides, wooden displays design is making a comeback.

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