Warning Signs Indicating Your Refrigerator Needs Replacement

Refrigerator is a necessity in every household. A quality Godrej refrigerator lasts for more than 15 years. It is hard to identify if you need repair or replacement. Indication of wear out can give you a chance to start saving for a new refrigerator.

Warning signs that there is a need for refrigerator replacement in near future

Excessive condensation

In the middle of heat wave the fridge may look like it is sweating. This means items are not cooling properly. Analyze the door’s rubber seal to check for signs of mold and mildew. Condensation signs may even be visible inside the fridge. It means temperature setting is not operating properly. In case, this issue persists long then inaccurate temperature will ruin the stored food.

Motor runs hot

Excessive heating behind the back of the fridge is an obvious sign of some issue. Actually, the coils are insulated, which keeps you from feeling the heat. If you feel heat then call a technician. Depending on situation the technician will offer a coil replacement option. However, if fridge is old then it is better to invest in a new fridge rather then consistently repairing a less efficient model. Make sure to visit CompareRaja website to compare quotes and get the best deal available online.

Food spoils rapidly

Indisputable sign fridge is on the verge of breakdown. Food will start to smell bad then it normally would. The beer take longer than usual to cool. Fridge which takes long cooling time means it is unable to maintain temperature settings and uses more energy.

Freezer turns into artic zone

Freezer resembles iceberg. Food is meant to be stored in frozen state but it is not normal to carve ice off to reach a bag of peas. In this scenario, it is sensible to defrost freezer. If this issue persists then consider getting new unit with defrosting feature.

A decade old refrigerator

The more old a fridge gets the more frequent repairs need to be experienced. At some point, the repair cost outweighs replacement cost. Constant repairs of old fridge means start saving and shop around for new one. Obviously, life expectancy is deteriorating and will give in anytime. Consider to buy the latest energy efficient model. It is a wise investment, which you will soon realize.

Fridge is not energy efficient

Energy bills are escalating lately but your power usage is the same, which means inefficient appliance is the culprit. The current advanced technology energy efficient fridge are the solution. They are also eco-friendly. When you go in search of a new refrigerator pay attention to specific kinds of fridge like freezer on top uses less energy in comparison to fridge with bottom freezer.

Noisy fridge

When you can listen to your fridge running, it is time to identify the issue with the technician. The refrigerator is not a quiet appliance but its noise is really noticeable. Ongoing buzz is problematic. If excessive noise consists after the technician visits then start looking for a replacement.

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