Stone Veneer Siding – How To Enhance The Look Of Your Dream Home

People like the concept of using stone walls to enhance the look of their home. Stone has been used for years for the interior and exterior decoration of the house. But natural stone is not cost effective. Its production and shipping costs are very high. Manufactured stone is increasingly being considered for construction and remodeling purposes. Many companies are making stone veneer siding which looks like real stone. Stone Veneer Siding – How To Enhance The Look Of Your Dream Home

Manufactured stone from a reliable stone supplier has all the advantages of natural stone. It has no drawbacks. It looks the same as natural stone. Manufactured stone can be easily molded to create the effect of the gentle outline of stream stone and the sturdy look of fieldstone .The molds are designed after natural stone and the detailing is done carefully. Cement, natural materials and pigments are mixed after selecting them carefully. Waterproof material is also added at this stage. It is treated to make it resistant to UV rays. This meticulous process decides the quality of the manufactured stone. Good companies will use real stone to make faux stone veneer .If done well and with authentic ingredients, it results in faux stone which looks just like natural stone.

It is light in weight. It weighs much less than conventional stone. Its weight is two – thirds the weight of natural stone veneer and not even a quarter of the weight of full- block natural stone. Thus the shipping costs are also considerably less. Its light weight makes it easy to install. So masonry charges are also lower as its installation is faster. This helps in saving time and money. It is available in various sizes and shapes. With a little attention to detail and careful planning, the handymen can install it over the weekend just by following the vendor’s simple instructions. They should take care to follow the basic precautions also.

Special footings and foundations are not needed to be installed for stone veneer siding as it is very light. It can be applied to any wall surface which is structurally sound. It can be used anywhere in the house to enhance its look. Heavy duty tools normally associated with the installation of natural stone are not needed for faux stone veneer siding. The standard circular saw with the blade for cutting stones is enough. It makes fireplace construction and remodeling easy. This stone is durable and does not require much maintenance. Reliable producers of manufactured stone offer a warranty of 50 years on their product. If it is properly applied and if it is good quality faux stone, it can easily last much longer even on the exterior where it has to withstand natural elements like the sun, wind and rainfall. Interior stone veneer siding will also stay in prime condition for a long time.

Manufactured stone is good for a fireplace as it does not catch fire and does not give out smoke. It is not flammable. Whether the theme of you house is modern or archaic, manufactured stone can easily be designed to complement your home as it is available in many colors and textures.

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