Table For Two, Please

While everyone hopes to have that long, narrow wooden dining room table where the entire family can congregate and share dinners with during Sunday or invite friends on week days, this is not a reality for everyone. Maybe you’re not really the socializing breed and all the kids have left the nest. It can be extremely lonely than eating in a large yet empty dining room table. Or maybe you just have a small dining room and cannot afford to bring in that traditional long dining table. Or maybe you need a small table for your breakfast nook. Regardless of what your reasons may be, a table for two may just be for you.

Room with a view.

If you want to make your small dining table really inviting, then position your table close to a window. By placing your table in front of a window, you allow all of your seated guests wonderful outside views. At the same time, by placing your table at the center, you allow for symmetry and this provides balance to the overall set-up.

The need to be discreet.

If your problem is that you do not have enough space in your home for a large table, then you can make your dining table set-up really discreet and deliberate by matching the color and material of your dining table with that of your dining chairs.

Keep an open lay-out.

If you have an open space in your home, you can convert this portion of your house as an extension of your dining room or an alfresco dining area. For a more dramatic look, make sure that you keep the surroundings free of other objects. If you often have guests over, pick out a table with an insertable leaf and store the extra chairs in a nearby closet.

Ready for clusters.

If you have a large dining room that opens up to your living room, then why not use the small tables to connect these two spaces together as well as foster conversation. Take a cue from cafés and create a cluster of small tables with chairs. You can choose armchairs or upholstered chairs instead of the standard dining room chairs to really create a great ambiance.

Choose an unexpected location.

Since you have a small table which can be used for rather versatile purposes, then you can choose to have this table positioned in some other location than the dining room. One unexpected location for this small table and chairs combo is next to the stairs, for instance.

Make it the focal point.

Having a large space can be difficult to style especially if the living room flows through the dining room. If this is the case, you can place a small table and the chairs in the center of the large room and then positioning the other pieces of furniture around this set-up. Just like what the furniture experts at Nick Scali limited say, you get to divide the two spaces but still maintain the continuity so that you have a beautifully styled large room. Tom Watts, the write, loves blogging about home comfort and designs. He writes useful articles for clients who want ready answers on the proper way to design one’s home. Tom also features stylish homes with practical approach to comfort and aesthetic.

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