Swiss Chalet: Things You May Never Know About

Swiss Chalet is an Canadian casual dining restaurant chain founded in 1954 in Toronto, Ontario. Swiss Chalet is among the top fine casual dining restaurants within Canada. According to the sources, till 2005 there are more than 200 restaurants of Swiss Chalet in the country. The parent company of the restaurant which handles all the stuff there is Cara Operations. The first ever restaurant of Swiss Chalet is established in 1954 in Bloor Street West, Toronto. This building is demolished in 2009 because of some condominium development. In 2000s Cara Operations closed all of its restaurants and working in Quebec. The Cara Operations also closed its last two Swiss Chalet restaurants in the United States of America. Currently, Swiss Chalet is only operating in Canada with more than 250 restaurants as listed on the official website.

Swiss Chalet Loyalty Program

Swiss Chalet food products are available on almost every airline in Canada and Air Canada also added their products on their on-board menu list. A loyalty program is also run by Swiss Chalet incorporation with Scene from 2015. Under this program, consumers will get some loyalty points on every purchase from Swiss Chalet.

Swiss Chalet Customer Services

Customer service support for complaints and other issues is also provided by Swiss Chalet within Canada. Customers can also visit Swiss Chalet head office for any type of business deals or franchisee related queries. Various types of roaster and other fast food products are supplied by Swiss Chalet in their restaurants such as Rotisserie Beef, Rotisserie Chicken, Beverages, Wraps, Sandwiches, Sea Food, Desserts and various more. Supply of these products vary according to the area served.

Everyone knows about Swiss Chalet and their services but there are some unknown facts about Swiss Chalet which you may not heard about. Check out those facts about Swiss Chalet below.

  • Initially, Swiss Chalet opened several restaurants in USA, Quebec and Puerto Rico, but by the time Cara Operations closed all these restaurants.
  • First ever restaurant of Swiss Chalet in Canada is demolished in 2006 due to some condominium development. Parent company of Swiss Chalet, Cara Operations acquired a fast food restaurant chain St. Hubert in Quebec for CAD $537 million in 2016 summers.
  • Nobody knows who are the key people of Swiss Chalet who are handling all the work? They are Michael Farley, Todd Barclay, Steven Greene, Abhik Banerji and Edgar Alvarez. Only these people are responsible for all the work done under Swiss Chalet.
  • Swiss Chalet products are also offered in on-board menu of Air Canada airline since 2008.
  • The most selling and signature product of Swiss Chalet is rotisserie chicken. Only this product is responsible that Cara Operations to open more than 250 stores in the country.
  • A loyalty program partnered with Scene is also run by Swiss Chalet, which will give loyalty points to the customers and customers can redeem these points at the time of next purchase from the chain restaurant.
  • Online restaurant locator is also available on the official website of Swiss Chalet, which can be used to find the restaurant near to the location. Moreover, customers can also know about the restaurant location by calling the customer service department at Swiss Chalet customer service contact number.Learn more about various popular personalities and the places known with their reference, on this website:

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