Termite colonies in wooden furniture can be lethal for your wooden items

Elegant wooden work and furniture add to the plush décor of any house. Surely they bring the desired elegant ambiance in the house. But none is unaware of the fact that maintenance of such things involves a considerable amount of time and cost. Efforts are needed only a regular basis for the inspection of any termites or termite colonies present that will destroy the wood in time making it absolutely hollow and brittle.

The termites and the terror

Termites are insects which have the potential to destroy any wooden item. They are housed either under the wooden sheets or under the ground ranging from the depth of few inches to 18 inches. Therefore, in both cases, they are not easily visible or noticeable. They have a life cycle which they go through and they reproduce and multiply in huge numbers which cause the pernicious damaging effect. They multiply asexually by the process of egg laying which goes through the stages of eggs, larvae, nymph, adult, reproductive and then death.

Termite Life Cycle

They easily cause damage to a great extent as they multiply in very large numbers and grow in colonies. Their eggs, when laid in groups, look like a gelatinous substance with a similar whitish color. The Queen of the colony lays the eggs and protects them until they hatch into larvae. These larvae grow into either of the three categories of worker, soldier, or nymph. They have specific tasks to do in their colony which may include guarding the colony or bringing food for the colony. Later,  these metamorphoses into the winged reproductive insect, but these are yet not capable to reproduce. They get this capability only when they shed their wings. Only once the wings are shed.

On shedding of the wings, they are again divided into two categories on the basis of the sex. They may either be the king or the queen. The king continues to reside in the colony as an adult termite where the queen, gets the work to lay eggs and protect until they hatch. Younger the queen higher is the number of eggs it produces. Egg laying capacity and number gradually decrease with the age of the queen. This entire life cycle keeps on going on until deliberately put an end to it by some external forces which act like the termiticides.

The precautions needed

According to, there are many ways that can help in termite control in the furniture. Professional help may be acquired in cases of severe termite attack or on a lower scale, personal administration of termiticides or termites bait will help. Also, the target needs to be checked first and accordingly the treatment must be administered. There are separate control for adult termites and larvae colonies. Professional can be of great help in dealing with these.

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