The Different Types Of Trains In India


The Indian Railways is a very old and reliable travel circuit in the country. It is the most comfortable forms of transport even today though we see other forms of transportation increasing in numbers. The reasons are many; maybe it’s the connectivity between even the most remote villages, cities, districts and states. It may also be because of the cheap fares or because of the comfort. Whatever the reason, trains are the hot favourite even today. Thousands of people travel on trains every day. This has led to a lot of changes and improvements in the train services. In the early days, there were only steam engine run trains. Today, there are many types of trains with different train times.

Passenger Trains –

The most common among the trains in India, the passenger trains transport people from one city to another at normal speed. They are also called local trains, express trains, intercity or interstate trains.

Preparations are being made for the same purpose, and Railways are aiming to launch on Independence Day 2022.

Toy Trains –

True to their name, these trains are small in size and resemble a toy train. These are used in amusement parks and fairs to attract the young kids. Some toy trains are used travel through historical sites. Some of the toy trains are found in Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and Nilgiri Mountain Highway.

Semi High Speed Train –

The most famous semi-high speed train of India called as the Gatimaan Express runs from Delhi and Agra in just 105 minutes. It travels at a speed of 160km/ph.

Express Trains

The express trains travel a bit faster than the local trains by skipping some small stops. Some of the express trains are Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express.

Garib Rath –

These trains are a boon to poor people, who cannot afford trains tickets. The fare of these trains is very low. Also, the train has A/C coaches and is faster than an express train.

Luxury Trains –

Redefining luxury, some trains in India are nothing but pure royalty and king size. The sophisticated trains provide expensive holiday tours that attract the rich tourists from across the world. They travel to enchanting tourist locations. Some of the luxury trains are Golden Chariot, Maharajas Express, Deccan Odyssey and Palace on Wheels. These trains are literally palaces on wheels with all state-of-the-art facilities that you get in a five-star hotel.

Goods Carrier Trains –

These trains are exclusively used to carry goods from one place to another. The trains are loaded with goods such as coal, wood, oil, fish and vegetables.

Metro trains –

These are the local trains that only run between areas of a single city. The large cities like Delhi or Bangalore are thankful for the metro because travelling has been made easier and faster from one area to another.

Bullet Train –

Finally, what was once a dream of the country is now about to be true? India is expected to have its own first bullet train connecting Ahmedabad and Mumbai by 2023, but Railways are aiming to start 1 year earlier on Independence Day 2022 to commemorate 75 years of Indian independence. Learn more about public transport systems and their regulations in different regions of the world, on this website:

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