The Importance Of Claiming For An Illness

If you or members of your family are living with a chronic illness then you will know that this situation can very often last for a substantial period of time and in many cases this can be indefinite. Furthermore, in some cases a chronic illness which cannot be cured can subsequently impact on a person’s ability to work and provide an income for their family. Indeed, if you are currently living with a serious illness that has forced you to take time away from work, then you can make a request for a critical illness claim from your superannuation fund which could entitle you to a lump sum of money to help you manage your condition. Therefore, if you want to understand the benefits of claiming your superannuation early, you should consider these various factors and also consult with a firm of experts as soon as possible for advice.

Claiming For An Illness

Insurance cover

Legally, superannuation funds must include insurance coverage for total or permanent disabilities while such cover tries to protect people who are unable to work as a result of a serious injury or illness. However, many people are not aware that if they suffer from a chronic illness, they are entitled to claim a variety of benefits from their superannuation fund. One of the main obstacles for critically ill people is that they may have to disclose any pre-existing medical conditions which could result in a higher premium or make them ineligible to claim against their superannuation.

Get legal advice

As with any policy that is taken out to provide insurance and give you protection over your future earnings, superannuation can be claimed in the event of a chronic or long-term illness being discovered. In such instances, you should contact a firm of legal experts who can help you with a critical illness claim while seeking advice on this issue at an early point in time will give you the best opportunity to result in a successful claim.

Specific criteria

Generally speaking, superannuation has a specific level of criteria for every disability. This means that if you are forced to stop working as a result of a medical condition, you should seek advice as soon as possible to make sure your superannuation fund allows you to receive the various benefits that are available. In addition, it should be noted that you should also seek to prepare a statement after contacting a legal expert to prevent your insurer from using any information you may have previously given them over a phone call against you in a legal case.

Act quickly

Regardless of which medical condition you may be suffering from, claiming from your insurance can take energy as well as time to organise. Therefore, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible to make sure the entire process is managed by knowledgeable legal experts.

A simple online search for companies providing assistance with critical illness claims can help you to gain peace of mind that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your insurance in the case of any medical issues.

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