What Treatments of Breast Cancer Available in India

Breast cancer is a common among women. The risk of breast cancer becomes higher as the age progresses. In a survey it has been found that almost 10 percent of the cancers affecting women includes breast cancer globally. So, general awareness is a must to detect it early so that the treatment begins. If you are diagnosed with it the first and foremost thing you should know that there are many types of treatments available now and it is not at all the end of your life. The advancement of medical science enables doctors now to fight and cure it even. Consult your doctor and surgeon and they will tell you what to do next.

Types of Breast Cancer

There are two types of breast cancers among women. One is the type when the cancer is restricted to just the place where it occurs and has not spread. This is called in-situ type. Another is the metastasis or Invasive type where the cancer has spread to other parts of body also. Breast cancer, like all other types of cancer has some stages. Size of the tumour, stage and type of cancer determines the treatment of it. Though it is rare but it may happen among men too. As males neglect the symptoms they are diagnosed very late often.

Symptoms, Reasons and Treatment

The reasons for breast cancer are yet to be known. There are some beliefs but they are not supported by medical science often. However, there some factors which according to Science may increase the risk of breast cancer for you. Some of such factors are growing age , early menopause or menses ,  being exposed to chemicals which are harmful or having the history of very close relatives like mother diagnosed with this, being exposed to radioactivity etc . Flattening of breasts, nipple dimpled, armpit swelling, tumour in the breast are the common symptoms . There are many world-class hospitals which offer breast cancer treatment in India at significantly less cost in comparison to other countries like the US and UK. The treatment mainly comprises different types of surgery removing tumours or part of breasts or a complete breast or sometimes both depending upon the nature, type and stage of cancer. Your doctor will inform you about the details. After surgery you may need chemotherapy or radiation, that too, will be judged by your doctor. You may use pad with your bra after the healing or opt for plastic surgery to reshape your breast or prosthesis. You may go for a second opinion before surgery.

Know Your Disease

You should ask the doctor freely about your disease. You should clearly know the stage of cancer, treatments for it, if you need chemotherapy and radiation or not, possible side effects of the treatment if you are diagnosed with it. If you want plastic surgery know when it should be done. Know the time required also to heal the wounds of surgery.

Take Preparation

Breast cancer may attack you at emotional level too. So it is better to come out of such emotional set back as early as possible. There are many excellent world class options for breast cancer treatment in India. Even people from other countries make India their destination for treatment. Know from your doctor about the possible way to make up the loss after surgery if you wish it. Don’t worry, just take the preparation.

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