The Wide Spectrum of the Term of Gynaecology

The medical specialty of Gynaecology has a wider ambit than many other medical specialties. A gynaecologist has to deal with the health of women of all ages, from teenager to menopausal. As gynaecological problems and issues vary from one age group to another, the gynaecologist needs to have thorough knowledge of the subject. A teenager may have problems related to belated menstruation, pain during menstruation, too much bleeding or something else. The practitioner or gynecologist in Neru, Navi Mumbai has to first pacify the anxious mother and her teenage daughter. His first task is to act as a counsellor and assuage their feelings, and then start his treatment.

Pregnancy is a taboo for a teenage girl, but it is a thing of desire for a middle aged married woman in Mumbai. This is why the success or failure of contraception in women of different age groups generates different feelings. While a teenage girl will feel relieved if a pregnancy test is found negative, a married woman will feel dejected if her pregnancy test appears negative in Mumbai. So, the gynaecologist looking after such patients has to nurture a humane feeling towards the emotional aspects of women of different age groups.


Inhibitions and hesitations among women about discussing physical and sexual problems with gynaecologists, especially male ones, are common in Mumbai like in many other places in India. The doctor has to create such an atmosphere that the patient is able to describe her problems without inhibitions and hesitations. To create such an atmosphere the doctor should ensure that a female nurse is always present in the physical examination chamber. Moreover, for young or teenage girls the mother should be allowed to come into the examination chamber. The doctor should also conduct himself in a soothing manner. These gestures impart a sense of confidence in the patient, thereby helping her to discuss her problem in detail.

Gynaecology in Mumbai, like in any other places, is not restricted to sexual problems of women. In fact, the discipline is concerned with the whole spectrum of female sexual and reproductive health. Childbirth is as old an adage of gynaecology as anything else. The female sexual life and reproductive health come full circle after giving birth to a child. A practitioner of gynecologists in navi Mumbai Vashi has to ensure that proper care is taken about the sexual health of teenage girls as well as reproductive and sexual health of married women. However, the most significant aspect of the job of a gynaecologist is keeping a watch on the health of the foetus of a pregnant woman. Through diagnostic tests he has to ensure that the foetus is growing satisfactorily. His job ends on a happy note with the delivery of a healthy baby.

The role of a gynaecologist in Navi Mumbai is more than providing medical aid. It covers a wide range and it deals with the mental and hormonal problems as well. They would need to go that extra mile and understand the needs of the patients. Some women in the early teens would face some amount of difficulty in discussing their issues and it is their duty to make them comfortable. They should also be quick witted and be aware of taking split decisions if there is a need. They should control the extreme cases of trauma at the same time.

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