What Are The Different Types Of Truck Tires?

When you are driving your truck, you want to make sure that they are the best quality possible. This will minimise the risk of accidents and will allow your truck to conquer different types of terrain. This is something that all truck drivers need to put some serious thought into.

What are the different types of tire that you can put on your truck?

Truck Tires


As the name suggests, utility tires are designed to be driven on all types of surfaces by all types of trucks. You will be able to drive your truck in mud and sand one day, before switching to snow without any problems. These tires are distinguished by the fact that they have a staggered tread pattern. This quality allows them to grip the surface of the road, no matter what terrain you are driving over.

When you are looking for utility tires, you should always compare several different retailers. Don’t just go for rock bottom prices, because this could mean that you are buying poor quality utility tires. This will make your truck less secure and could increase the risk of you having an accident.


All-terrain tires are similar to utility tires in that they can be driven on a wide variety of surfaces without any problems at all. The truck will be able to drive over woodland tracks in one part of the journey and then concrete roads a few hours later. You will not have to worry about the tires becoming damaged when they are driving on different surfaces because they are incredibly robust.

The pattern of the all-terrain tires is different to the utility tires. The tires have multiple different tread patterns which are designed to grip all kinds of surfaces without a single problem. This reduces the risk of having accidents.

You should make sure to compare several different sites before you find all terrain tires that suit your needs exactly. You can find all-terrain tires for cars, trucks, motorcycles and offroad vehicles whilst you are searching online.


Trucks spend thousands of hours driving on the highways between different cities. This means that tires have to be able to take the strain of driving on concrete for hours at a time without wearing down or bursting. Specialist highway tires will reduce that chances that you will suffer an accident.

Research several different providers before you settle on some highway tires that suit your truck completely.


Performance tires are designed to work well at high speeds. This is useful if you are driving on highways as opposed to navigating your way through cities. The performance tires provide better braking than other tires, which is useful for avoiding accidents.


Off-road tires are designed to be driven exclusively in rough terrain and not on the roads.

You should select the right kind of tires for the type of road that your truck will be travelling on.

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