This is what you should keep in mind to choose the jewels of your wedding.

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Preparing a wedding is one of the most exciting things you will probably live. Although, sometimes, it can be somewhat stressful, if you do not want to leave any loose ends. One of these ends, very important in the “moment of great moment”, is, in addition to the dress, the jewels that you are going to wear. Because not all the jewels are worth for a bride, no matter how specific they are for a wedding.

Next, we explain everything you need to consider before choosing the jewels that will accompany you on one of the days you will always remember. Before starting to read, however, a piece of advice that is a jewel: that these enhance the dress and complement the whole, but never eclipse it, neither in size nor in quantity. Let’s go there.

  1. The dress.

There are classic brides who even inherit the dress of their mother or older sister. There are more groundbreaking ones, which are committed to unconventional designs, such as two pieces, transparencies, dresses with prints, color … There are neo-Romantic ones, who choose to dress as authentic princesses. And there are more alternatives, from those who marry on a beach with a simple Ibiza dress to those who wear a trouser suit or jacket suit.

In the case of the most classic and romantic, timeless jewels work very well, as long as these are not too ornate and baroque. (Example, silver, aquamarine and zirconia earrings from the Kara collection or a fine beryl bracelet like Cloud’s). The most modern can afford to play with more daring combinations, with larger jewelry and striking gems that adorn necklaces, pendants, and earrings. The more alternatives are the ones that can be granted the most permits, since their looks will be the most free and carefree.

The shape of the neckline is also another important factor to consider. The jewels will not look the same if it is a word of honor (better fine and discreet jewels than large and ornate ones, or opt for less jewelry, or necklace or earrings, or vice versa), or a more closed boat neck (in this case, It is advisable to always wear earrings, which will highlight the eyes of the bride, especially if they are made of colored stones or a necklace, very flattering to the neck with this neckline). If the neckline is square the ideal is a choker or a necklace of small stones, better than a necklace longer than the neckline. Or, the other option would be only long earrings.

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  1. Hairstyle and oval of the face

Totally related to the previous point. If the bride opts for a classic pickup, or has short hair, the jewelry must be more discreet so that they do not stand out as much as to overshadow the rest of the look. (Example, earrings from the Kara or A libelcollection.) For romantic, domed and strategically disheveled pickups, you can afford to wear some more showy jewels. With a romantic wavy loose mane or natural curls, size, color and colorful of jewelry can increase and, in fact, will embellish the whole more. (Examplerose quartz earrings, crystal quartz and shunpike with 925 silver, from the midwestjewellery).

As for the oval of the face, if it is round, all the elongated jewels will stylize it. If the face is square, it is better to opt for pieces of sinuous, rounded shapes, instead of angled shapes. If it is elongated, it is better to run away from the elongated shapes and choose them with a little more volume.

  1. The season of the year

If you get married during the months when there is less light and the temperature is not hot, you will tend to be more contained throughout your look and you will choose more discrete pieces. Although putting a touch of color (lapis lazuli or jasper Makita) is also not bad to compensate. In the months of more hours of light, sun and heat, you can afford to “color” your bridal look with the chosen jewels .

  1. The use you will give to your jewelry

Probably, your grandmother married your great-grandmother’s jewelry. And those were the same ones that, after the wedding, were locked up waiting for your mother’s wedding. But today, and more and more, brides prefer bridal jewels that not only serve the big day, but can wear every day they feel like. Therefore, regardless of wearing a family piece on your wedding day, it is best to opt for jewelry that you fall in love with, for your wedding and to go out to dinner or even go to work.

  1. Last (but not least) tips for choosing your wedding jewelry

Watch out for wearing very heavy pieces: they can spoil your day and end … in your bag. Be careful also with the quality of the pieces you choose. Any beautiful and elegant jewel is perfect for your wedding… provided it is of quality, handmade and with good materials (silver, gold, precious stones, semiprecious…). Imagine that, without realizing it, a stone comes out of your necklace or a earring breaks … We advise you to read the post about earring closures, it will help you.

And after the ceremony … That you know that you have the possibility of changing jewels and thus giving a total and surprising turn to your look that will leave more than one speechless (yes, also the groom).

In the end, the basis of every jewel, bridal or not, is that, with its beauty and, almost more importantly, elegance, it can accompany us, just like a husband, forever.

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