Tips for Choosing your First Jogging Shoes

If you want to start morning jogging and choose your first shoes, the first thing you should know is that there are no perfect shoes. Shoes online shopping is always fun but the best shoe, beyond a model or a brand, will be one that suits your needs according to various factors that we will analyze in this article, so take good note.

  1. Go to a Specialized Sports Center

The best thing is that you go to a specialized sports center where an expert can analyze your footprint and, depending on your needs, recommend the models of different brands that may be the most suitable for you. You should always try your shoes first and check that you feel really comfortable with them, as if you were not wearing them. It is recommended that you wear your own socks, with which you will run, and check if comfort is optimal.

  1. You need some Comfortable Jogging Shoes

Discard the idea of using those comfortable shoes that you use to go paddle, hiking or playing football on weekends. If you want to start jogging regularly, you need to buy shoes adapted to the exercise you are going to do. If you are going to run at least once a week, get some shoes that have a good cushioning and are very comfortable, since they are the two key elements.

  1. The Surface where you will train and the Climate

It is important that you take into account the terrain where you are going to carry out your workouts. It is not the same to run on grass, mountain, asphalt, cement or track. And for that reason, there are different types of shoes for beginners that are also adapted to any type of surface. So it’s best to determine where you’re going to go regularly to run to help you choose the shoes you’ll need.

  1. The Structure of your Feet and the Weight of your Body

Other factors that you must take into account are your body weight and the structure of your feet. Jogging shoes, generally, have recommended weight ranges depending on the stability and cushioning you need. If you weigh 65 kilos, for example, you can wear lightweight shoes with less cushioning, while, if you exceed 90 kilos, it is advisable that you get some with a much higher cushioning.

  1. The Budget that You Have

The first thing you should be clear about is that ‘expensive’ does not necessarily mean ‘better’. Jogging shoes for Men are available from hundreds to thousands range. Similarly, do not buy cheap and flimsy shoes, because if they are uncomfortable you will de-motivate immediately or you will injure more easily, and if they wear out or ruin very quickly you will have to buy others in a short time.

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